Internet Horrified As Child Destroys Makeup Display Worth Over $1,000

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Internet Horrified As Child Destroys Makeup Display Worth Over $1,000

It's easy to hate on beauty sections. There's nothing fun about having your girlfriend drag you into Superdrug and having to hover around watching her get her eyebrows threaded.

But even the biggest makeup haters in the world will have sympathy for those who recoiled in terror when a display featuring $1,300 (£985) worth of eyeshadow testers was completely destroyed.

The decimation of the display was spotted by makeup artist Brittney Nelson at a Sephora store in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

It's pretty horrific, right? It looks like that time Homer Simpson decided he was an inventor and shot Marge in the face with the make-up gun.


Brittney shared a picture of the incident in a post on Facebook which has now gone viral, in which she urged parents to 'shop for their makeup without tiny humans'.

While she claimed in the post that the display was destroyed by a 'small child', Brittney has admitted that she never actually caught the culprit red, pink or purple-handed.


Credit: Mercury Press

"We walked in right as a lady and her kid were hustling out of there," Brittney told INSIDER magazine. "The glittery footprints helped us decipher it was a tiny human."

Brittney said that the staff at the Sephora store handled the situation calmly, whisking away the display without a fuss and quickly cleaning up the floor.


As is always the way on the internet, many people seemed to agree that a kid was to blame and quickly called for a crackdown on letting little terrors run amok in a store:


Others said that expecting parents to leave their kid at home at all times is unrealistic, which I guess is quite reasonable.

This type of horror-show probably isn't unusual for people working in retail, so props to the staff for sorting it out so quickly.


Whoever caused the mess, kid or no kid, they look like the creative type. Maybe it'd be better for everyone involved if they just get a nice watercolour painting set instead.

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press

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