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Lad Has Sports Direct-Themed Birthday Party At Local Pub

Lad Has Sports Direct-Themed Birthday Party At Local Pub

Lewis Jones had the idea for his 21st but due to lockdown he had to postpone

When it comes to birthdays, you've got to go hard or go home. Sometimes that might mean forking out on a new outfit and that's what Lewis Jones and his pals did when they were figuring out how they would celebrate his birthday earlier this month:

Lewis and his six comrades - Woody, Ethan, Kody, Beeson, Smithers and Sam - rallied for a pub visit like no other with a Sports Direct theme.

Speaking to LADbible, the birthday boy explained: "I had the idea for my 21st birthday but I wasn't able to do it because of lockdown V1, I thought it would be funny as we could end up looking horrendous and we did."

The group, who are all from Stratford Upon Avon, decided that they would go to their local - The King's Head - dressed in their Sports Direct attire.

Many of the lads kept things cheap and cheerful but Sam went all out, spending £80. You always get one don't you?


Talking about the day, Lewis went on to say: "It started off as a day drinking thing at our local, but we ended the night with a barbeque where we continued drinking, and we were only allowed to drink out of Sports Direct mugs which I provided with everyone's names on.

"We also played Sports Direct themed games (Sports Direct cards and sports equipment)." This guy's thrown a party before, hasn't he?

Lewis, a vehicle test engineer, added: "Some people went for as cheap as possible and spent about £20 but Sam went all out and spent £80+ on this referee/captain outfit, which also seemed to be everyone on TikToks favourite. Beeson's outrageous mismatch of items was also a solid contender."


The mates had an inflatable ball (from... you guess it Sports Direct) which ended up getting popped as they played a game of one bounce and they were the centre of attention all evening.

But it seems all in all, this was certainly one to remember, as Lewis concluded: "Oh its been my best birthday to date! I wont be forgetting it in a hurry that's for sure.

"It went down so well we have decided that all birthdays have to be themed from now on."

Can't wait for the 23rd birthday bash, guys.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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