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Lad Perfectly Trolls Guy Hitting On His Fiancee

Lad Perfectly Trolls Guy Hitting On His Fiancee

His fiancee has said she has no hard feelings towards the guy and says the world has come to appreciate her boyfriend's 'lovely bottom'.

Nathan Standley

Nathan Standley

Have you ever had to endure the awkwardness of being present while your partner gets hit on over social media?

Well one lad had the best response to a particularly persistent admirer of his fiancee.

When 24-year-old Ashley Wells was told by his wife-to-be Amy Perkins, 21, that she had been messaged repeatedly by one of her amorous followers on Instagram, he decided to have a bit of fun.

Mercury Press

Ashley said: "I wasn't annoyed, I have been with Amy a long time and I trust her and knew she wouldn't have responded with anything bad.

"She's beautiful and that's why people always message her but we are engaged and I love and trust her."

Amy had just been responding to the messages with short responses to avoid leading him on after he had asked to take her for a drink, offered her 'action' and even said he'd marry her if she and her boyfriend ever split up.

Mercury Press

So you can imagine the pleasant surprise the guy might have felt when he received a suggestive image from 'Amy' of a bare arse covered only by what appeared to be a thong.

So he went in for the kill, saying: "What's that for?... Thought you were engaged?... or are you up for that action I was talking about?" complete with winky face and peach emojis and everything.

Well, it turned out he'd fallen hook, line and sinker for a prank from Amy's boyfriend Ashley, who in a larger second picture revealed himself to be the owner of the surprisingly feminine arse, while flicking the middle finger to the camera and sporting a facial expression that just screams "GOTCHAAA!"

Ashley said: "I just thought I'll just play it on a little bit. I jumped out of bed and asked her where she kept her knickers.

"They weren't very comfy. I had pulled them up so it looked like a thong but it was worth the discomfort. I took a picture and he commented something nice, so he must have liked it but he obviously thought it was Amy.

"Then I sent a picture of my face and he blocked us straight away. I was only playing it on. I didn't want to upset him."

After the screenshots of the messages went viral, Ashley has received a large number of complimentary comments about his bum - which he says is a bit of a "strange feeling".

Mercury Press

At the time, Amy said she had wanted to delete the message but couldn't resist the temptation of seeing Ashley in her pants.

She said: "I was sat with Ashley when I got the message and he asked me 'what is he saying?' I was going to delete it but he said let's reply and we'll teach him a lesson.

"I was quite one worded with him as I didn't want to be too nice to him and lead him on. Then Ashley just flew out of the bed and asked 'where are your knickers?'

"He just put them on. He's always messing around so I wasn't too surprised. I don't think he was very comfy in them.

"I had to leave the room because I was laughing so much and the whole room was mirrored. I hid in the bathroom, but I felt really mean. Ashley said it would be funny and he promised he wouldn't take it too far.

"He just blocked us as soon as we sent the picture with Ashley's face."

She said she has no 'hard feelings' towards the guy and just finds the situation funny - and she says she isn't surprised that the world has come to appreciate her boyfriend's "lovely bottom".

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press

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