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LAD Proposes To Girlfriend With 16 Dogs In Attendance

LAD Proposes To Girlfriend With 16 Dogs In Attendance

A bouquet of pooches. Yep, sh**s all over a floral display, doesn't it?

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Ever thought about popping the big question to your partner? Do you imagine how it'll come about - maybe there will be bouquets of flowers involved, 100 red roses and all that romantic pomp. But can we bring your attention to something that will, without doubt, have the recipient of your display unable to say anything but 'yes'...

A bouquet of pooches. Yep, shits all over a floral display, doesn't it?

We all know that one dog makes everything better so imagine having 16 of them surrounding you at what is (hopefully) one of the happiest occasions of your existence - pretty spectacular.

And the pictures pretty much speak for themselves when Maurice Goldstein asked Laura Stampler to marry him, with the help of 16 very special, albeit slightly furry, recruits. What a LAD.

According to Brides, Maurice asked Laura to take a quick impromptu hike with him up Runyon Canyon but when they reached the top, the couple were met with a trail of rose petals. Good luck boyfriends trying to top this bad boy.

Laura explained: "It wasn't until I saw the rose petals that I knew it was more. Like, a lot more."

Just after Laura said yes she was greeted by 16 dogs.
Rebecca Yale Photography/Laura Stampler

And when she thought things couldn't get much better, as soon as Laura said yes, 16 dogs suddenly appeared around them both.

The pups were released by Pack of Hearts, a group of gorgeous therapy dogs.

Laura was clearly bowled over by the entire thing as she said: "I can't imagine anything more magical".

The therapy dogs surrounding Laura and Maurice after his romantic proposal.
Rebecca Yale Photography/Laura Stampler

The dogs were definitely the most incredible thing about the romantic gesture but just to set the scene a little bit more - Maurice had also arranged for acapella singers and a bed of roses. What a guy.

Taking to Instagram, Rebecca Yale, who snapped the entire thing said: "She [Laura] did everything in her power to ruin the proposal from being an hour late to lunch, forgetting her keys and showing up in her PJ's.

"I will forever appreciate the text from her that morning saying 'he better not propose today'. But all of that resulted in us being at the top of Runyon during the most incredible LA sunset of the year".

Well, best of luck to all the fellas hoping that a box of chocolates, breakfast in bed and a glass of Prosecco will suffice tomorrow morning.

Featured Image Credit: Rebecca Yale Photography/Laura Stampler

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