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Lads Convince Their Pal He Did A Poo Behind Club When Drunk

Lads Convince Their Pal He Did A Poo Behind Club When Drunk

He turned up with flowers and a Toblerone to apologise

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A group of pals managed to convince their mate he'd taken a dump behind the back of their local boozer, prompting him to apologise to a member of staff with flowers and a giant Toblerone. Watch below:

Gabriel Herlihy, 22, and his mates decided to wind up their friend Jack after he got absolutely legless while at the West of Scotland Cricket Club last week.

The pals even managed to get the club's landlord in on the joke - and fair play to her, she's played a blinder in the video.

In the clip, a sheepish-looking Jack can be seen sitting on a bench holding a bunch of flowers and a massive Toblerone, while he's told someone had 'to clean his jobby up' that 'was covered in flies and big and curly and going into a point'. Lovely.

As you can probably imagine, poor Jack looks absolutely mortified as he's made to listen to what he supposedly got up to while he was three sheets to the wind.

Gabriel Herlihy

The group manage to keep the prank going, even up to the point that he attempts to hand over the flowers and chocolate before he's eventually told it's all been a wind-up, while everyone bursts out laughing.

Gabriel told LADbible: "We'd been at the club and Jack was absolutely steaming - the next day we all started telling him he'd done a s*** behind it. And he was, like, 'I never, I never!'

"But we got the owner's son, who we're pals with, to message Jack and basically tell him, 'If you don't come down we're going to get the police involved.'

"He said, 'You're going to need to come down with flowers because that might calm her down.'

"He then told his mum, and she and his auntie got in on it. She's a good laugh."

Gabriel Herlihy

Fortunately, Jack managed to see the funny side of the clip - at least once he realised he hadn't actually had a poo behind the club, anyway.

Gabriel added: "When you see the first video you don't know that it's a joke, but when you see the second one you do - so he's fine now, now that everyone knows it's a big joke."

And it seems like the lads will have to watch out, because Jack has already warned his mates that he will be getting his own back.

Featured Image Credit: Gabriel Herlihy

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