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Boy Who Had Police Called On Him After He Cut Neighbour's Grass Gets £27,000 From Fundraiser

Boy Who Had Police Called On Him After He Cut Neighbour's Grass Gets £27,000 From Fundraiser

Reggie Fields, 12, was trying to raise cash over the summer by mowing lawns but after neighbour's called cops on him his business is booming

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A young boy who was left devastated when a neighbour called the police after he accidentally mowed part of their lawn has had over $36,000 (£27,400) raised for him.

According to the Mirror, 12-year-old Reggie Fields was hoping to raise cash to pay for sweets over the summer and set up 'Mr Reggie's Lawn Cutting Service' to help in his quest.

Alongside his siblings and cousins, Reggie began doing gardening jobs in the Ohio neighbourhood.

They were cutting the lawn of Lucille Holt-Colden when cops turned up following a complaint from Lucille's neighbours because the kids had mowed a small part of their lawn. This is not a drill.

ABC News

Following the incident people from far and wide have been donating money to a Go Fund Me page that Lucille set up to encourage the children to keep carrying out the positive work in the community.

Now the total is at $36,356(£27,740) and growing by the minute. There have been 1,311 people that have donated in two days. Just think of the treats Reggie and Co. could get with all of that.

ABC News

Some people have left messages of support on the fundraising page and now his business is booming with requests for his services.

One said: "Great job boys! How marvelous that what was intended for evil has turned into a tremendous blessing! Don't stop - hard work works and pays off every single time!"

ABC News

Another added: "You guys are such an inspiration! We can't wait to see your business grow into something beautiful. Wish you where down here in FL, keep your dream alive! Sky's the Limit".

And a third commented: "I live in Yorkshire, in England, and I was really impressed by the work you do. When Mr Reggie's goes international you can come and mow my lawn!

"In the meantime, take this down payment and maybe use it towards the college fund. in England we have some of the same issues you have too."

ABC News

Reggie is hoping to use the money to buy new equipment. He's even set up a business page which has been flooded with comments calling him an inspiration and saying he has a bright future ahead of him.

The Mirror reported that Reggie also now plans on expanding his lawn cutting service into a landscaping business.

His mum Brandy said: "He wants to do it all year-round. He wants to rake leaves. He wants to snow blow. He wants to do it all.

ABC News

"He said something about opening up a store that sells parts. He has his mind set.

"He reads them [Facebook comments] and he's like, 'Mom they're inspiring me to do better and to keep on doing what I'm doing'."

You stick at it, Reggie.

Featured Image Credit: ABC News

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