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Man Captured Falling Out Of The Back Of Moving Cop Car

Man Captured Falling Out Of The Back Of Moving Cop Car

Getting chucked into a cop car must be a pretty awful feeling.

You've likely just been arrested and you have to wait until you arrive at the local police station until you're free from the confines of the vehicle.

But one thing that would probably suck a little more than being tossed into a cop car is falling out the back of one while the car is moving.


Well, that's the incredibly unfortunate situation faced by one bloke; and, sadly for him, the whole thing was caught on camera at the Charles and Newcastle Street intersection in West Perth.

Dashcam Owners Australia uploaded a video to Facebook showing the moment the bloke tumbled out the back of the vehicle after it accelerated from traffic lights.

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Sadly, the camera is positioned looking forward so we don't get to see what happened to the man once he dropped out.

The dashcam owner said: "Police forgot to lock the back door of there [sic] paddy wagon. Unfortunately the dashcam didn't captcha [sic] him running away and the police chasing him down the freeway."


The post has been liked, shared and commented on by thousands of people who all find the situation pretty hilarious. However, there is one person who most certainly is not laughing.

Police Minister Michelle Roberts has told The West Australian: "It is clearly very disturbing...I haven't been fully briefed on it, clearly there will need to be an investigation.

"It is a very serious matter...senior police will investigate."

Featured Image Credit: Dashcam Owners Australia

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