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Man Goes Viral After Using Scissors To Eat Spaghetti

Man Goes Viral After Using Scissors To Eat Spaghetti

A man in Canada has earned himself the unusual moniker of SpagScissorsMan after a video of him eating spaghetti with scissors went viral.

Dean Prince, from Elliston, decided he didn't have time to spin his spaghetti around on his fork or use a spoon, instead opting to cut the hanging pasta with a pair of scissors.

In the video, he appears to justify his method by saying it 'beats crawling around the fork', though it is quite difficult to make out what he is saying given the speed with which he is inhaling his meal. Indeed, you might not what to listen to the video with headphones on, as the sucking/chewing/swallowing sounds are quite a lot to deal with (speaking from experience).


Anyway, the 53-year-old's sketti shifting system has now been viewed millions of times - something wife Judy had never envisaged when she started recording her hubby hoovering up his meal.

She said: "It was the first time Dean used the scissors to eat. I thought it was really funny I ran and grabbed my phone to film it.

"We were all amazed that it went viral, we didn't expect this to happen."

But how do you feel about it though? 'Cause as ever, social media is divided.

Hero or villain? I mean, he's probably neither, but the response is pretty polarised on social media. Credit: Caters
Hero or villain? I mean, he's probably neither, but the response is pretty polarised on social media. Credit: Caters

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On the one hand, there are those who think Dean is an inspired innovator.


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Commenting on the video, one person said: "This man is living in 3020."

Another said: "My gosh how come I never thought of that? You the man Dean Prince. That's the coolest thing ever."


A third added: "Are these designated spaghetti scissors, do we think, or are they doing double duty with the mail, too? Either way, hero."

Then on the other hand, there are those who think Dean is a heathen and a disgrace to Italy.

One person said: "These people have never heard of spoons have they? U think an Italian restaurant is gonna hand over a pair of scissors with your spaghetti."

Another said: "This 'clipper' acts like he's two years old. What kind of adult eats like this?"


A third added: "My Italian grandparents would probably slap me into next week if they saw me do that."

What's the verdict then - pasta pioneer, or is his method just fu' silli people?

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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