Man Hides Messages Under Flooring To ‘Trigger Millennials In 30 Years’

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Man Hides Messages Under Flooring To ‘Trigger Millennials In 30 Years’

A man has written a cheeky hidden message under his floor to 'trigger millennials' in years to come. You can check out his pranks here:


The bloke is doing a refurbishment of a property and decided to plan a few pranks for whoever happens to live in the place in the future.

Posting on TikTok @longrealestate shared several clips of messages he wrote on the wooden floor, which will then be covered with some new flooring.


Sharing the clip, he wrote: "Leaving messages to trigger millennials in 30 years when they rip up the new floor I put over this." As the camera pans across the floor, you can see the words: "The Office is not funny' written in large white letters across the floor.

Shots fired.

The clip has stirred up a bit of debate with some siding with the fella and others blasting him for his opinion.

One person said: "I see no lie... show's terrible."


Someone else asked: "How can anyone say this?"

A third wrote: "Millennial here and I agree."

Credit: TikTok/@longrealestate
Credit: TikTok/@longrealestate

Not content with upsetting fans of The Office, the bloke then shared another clip in which he'd written: "I do not like the show Friends."


In another clip he wrote: "When remodelling, always leave a message for the next owner under the new flooring you're about to put down."

This time, he'd written the message: "We are trying to reach you about your extended car warranty."

Earlier this year, a woman made a much less humorous discovery when lifting the carpet in her new home.

TikTok user @dontbeanashhole shared a clip in which she appeared to have uncovered the outline of a dead body. Lovely.


Posting the clip, she wrote: "It's cool. Everything is fine.

"I wasn't bothered knowing someone died in my new house. But imagine my surprise when I ripped up the floor and found this."

Credit: TikTok/@dontbeanashhole
Credit: TikTok/@dontbeanashhole

In the clip, the woman can be seen pulling back the old carpet to reveal what appears to be the crime-scene-style outline of a body alongside the words 'Case #091101', written in black ink.



The woman added: "Okay, but this is actually a little creepy."

Yep, you can say that again.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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