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Man Removes Trousers And Gives Them To Shivering Homeless Person In Shorts

Man Removes Trousers And Gives Them To Shivering Homeless Person In Shorts

The homeless person had lost all of their belongings and had no other clothing

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Heart-warming footage shows a man giving up his trousers for a homeless person after he spotted him shivering shorts. Watch the video here:

Daniel Richards and his wife were making a late-night trip to a doughnut shop in Fresno, California, USA, when they came across the homeless man, named David.

After offering him some food, David told them that he had lost all of his belongings a couple of months ago.

As such, he had no other clothes than those he was wearing, and with the temperature only 4C, 26-year-old Daniel was concerned that David would have a very cold night ahead.

Fearing that he might move on if he went to get him some clothes, Daniel decided to whip his kecks off there and then and hand them over.

Daniel's wife filmed the encounter and uploaded it to TikTok, where it has been viewed more than 1.6 million times.

The couple insist the gesture wasn't intended as a viral hit.

Recalling how the generous gesture unfolded, she said: "We noticed he didn't have any pants on just very short running shorts and he seemed to be very cold.

"After getting into our vehicle my husband began to tell me there's no way he could drive off knowing that man would possibly go to sleep that night on the sidewalk or behind a building without any pants or blanket of the sort.

"We had a short conversation while realising it was too late to go to the store and before I knew it my husband was getting out of the car approaching David.

"That's when I decided to pull out my phone and record."

Of course, in these cynical times we live in, many people assume acts of kindness like this are just for attention, but Daniel's wife insisted he's just a nice bloke.

She said: "There was never any intention to record this for popularity or fame or to exploit this homeless man.

"My intentions were purely based on the fact that although I know my husband and we have been together over 10 years he has never wavered in doing the right thing or making the right decision."

The clip was actually recorded back in November, and Daniel has since confirmed in a follow-up video that it was totally unplanned.

He said: "I had no clue that my wife was recording until she showed it to me in the car and she was the one who convinced me to upload the video in the first place.

"I do stuff like this all the time, I just don't record it.

"I've been laid off since March so it's not easy to give things of my own, even if it is just a pair of pants but it's just human kindness to do that for somebody."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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