Man Shares Tips He Says Will Make You Feel More Confident And Less Anxious

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Man Shares Tips He Says Will  Make You Feel More Confident And Less Anxious

A man has shared some little tricks you can do that he says will boost your confidence and leave you feeling less anxious.


TIkTok user Alex Goldie, who posts on his @alex.goldie account, shared some things you can do every day which he reckons will 'change your life'.

In the clip he explains: "Small habits that will leave you more confident, less anxious and pretty much just change your life.


"Number one: don't complain for a week.

"Two: don't look at your phone as you wake up, instead do something that will develop you.

"Three: at the end of that shower, whack that temperature to cold. It will literally make you buzz and make you feel so good.

Credit: TikTok/@alex.goldie
Credit: TikTok/@alex.goldie

"Four: do ten minutes of mindfulness meditation every day. It will get you out of your depressive past and out of your anxious future and keep you in the present."

He ends the clip with a bit of self promotion, urging people to follow him to pick up more interesting tips.

Fellow TikTok users took to the comments to share their opinions on the advice, with one person writing: "Cold showers have helped me a lot. You get used to them after a while."

Another wrote: "No complaining for a week? Fine, then I guess I just can't speak." I hear you, my friend.


A third commented: "That's a good way to put it - depressive past and anxious future. Exactly like that."

And on the subject of anxiety - yesterday a TikTok user explained the science behind a 'hangxiety'.

If you've ever woken up after a night of boozing with a weird anxious feeling you can't seem to shift Sophie Ward, who shares content on YouTube and TikTok as Soph's Notes, has shared a video explaining why that might be.



In the clip, Sophie talks us through the 'chemical changes' that take place, which affect how your brain works.

She says: "If you've ever felt super anxious when you're hungover, then don't worry, a lot of people do.

"Hangxiety is a real thing caused by real chemical changes in your brain.

"When you drink, chemicals in your brain are affected, namely glutamate and GABA [Gamma aminobutyric acid].


"These normally have opposing effects on the brain - glutamate making it more active, and GABA making it less active."

She continues: "Drinking alcohol simultaneously increases the amount of chill GABA we have whilst decreasing the amount of wired glutamate.

"This means your brain is acting in super slow mo, giving you slower reactions and lower inhibitions.

"The morning after your brain tries to rebalance - it becomes super sensitive to glutamate, which makes it hyperactive and you anxious, while becoming less sensitive to GABA, which would normally step in to chill you out.

"It's basically the reverse of what was happening while you were drinking and is a recipe for hangxiety."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@alex.goldie

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