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Man Shares Unreal Glovebox Hack That’s Perfect For Summer Road Trips

Man Shares Unreal Glovebox Hack That’s Perfect For Summer Road Trips

Simply follow this simple TikTok hack to keep your beverages nice and chilled

If you're planning to go on a road trip this summer, it might be worth having a go at using this snazzy little trick to keep your journey juice nice and cool:

Whether you're off on a camping trip, going for a day trip to a theme park, or just having a little drive out somewhere for a walk, it's always good to have a cold beverage at hand.

So here's a simple little hack - to keep your drinks cool and away from the baking sun, you can put them into the glovebox and whack on the air conditioning.

According to TikToker Kyran, if you put the bottles/cans into the compartment, you will see a little vent that pumps out air according to the your heater's setting. So if you put on the AC, the contents of the glovebox will remain chilled.


Kyran's video, which has been watched over two million times, shows him saying: "Did anyone know about this? If you turn a fan on in a car and put on the air conditioning, inside the glovebox there's actually a vent. If you turn it it's blowing out cold air not.

"As it's coming up to summer now and inside a car, the drinks gets boiling hot. You can literally store your drinks inside the glovebox like it's a fridge. Close it and it keeps them ice cold." Mind blown.

The clip has received more than 230,000 likes from people far and wide who are getting ready to give the hack a try.

The vent is apparently inside the glovebox.

According to the comments, however, whether you have a vent in the glovebox all depends on what car you have. Someone said that all VWs have them, while another confirmed their Kia has one. Another person added that both their Mercedes and BMW have vents - they're also showing off.

One person wrote: "Not all cars have this feature. The Toyota Hilux and Fortuner have a cooler above the glovebox."

While another said: "My car has it and its just cold but not ice cold just a breeze so that chocolate doesn't melt." Equally as important as your drink not going warm, in my opinion anyway.

A third person wrote: "Nah that's where the papers live." Relatable.

Loads of others were tagging the TikTok page @partyshirt, trying to get them to do a fact or cap - where they test out viral TikTok trends to see whether they're real or not. Watch this space.

You can follow Kyran here.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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