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Man's Hilariously Brutal Text Exchange With His Mum Goes Viral

Man's Hilariously Brutal Text Exchange With His Mum Goes Viral

Merry Christmas to you too, mum

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A man's WhatsApp conversation with his mother about Christmas cards has gone viral after she brutally - while presumably unintentionally - went in on him about why he's still single.

Adem Waterman, who lives in London, was asked by his mother whether she should address his Christmas card to him and his boyfriend, or just him.

However, when he replied that he doesn't have a partner, she asked him: "Do you think it's your personality or looks?"

Wow, tell us what you really think, mum.

Since the post was shared, it has become the catalyst for loads of other people sharing their own similar experiences with awkward conversations of this kind with their families.

The original post has receive more than 48,000 likes, and one person shared: "I phoned my Nanna once after yet another job rejection. She said 'Do you think it's because you're past your best?'.

"I was 39."

Brutal. Nans really know how to hit you where it hurts, don't they?

Another person shared their cringeworthy tale about a grandparent's obvious dislike for their choice of baby name.

They wrote: "When I phoned my gran to tell her I'd given birth to a baby girl and I was naming her Violet, my gran said, 'Oh, I won't write that name on the card in case you change your mind'.

"And she didn't. The card said Baby."

Adem Waterman.
Adem Waterman

That is quite literally one to tell the grandkids about.

A third person weighed in with a story about their family's remarkably tactless comments after they lost quite a bit of weight.

If you're in the market for some backhanded compliments, you've come to the right place here.

They said: "My family are also savage! I have recently lost weight and got the following 'compliments'

"1: Where is your belly? 2: Your face isn't round anymore 3: Bet it's easier to get around without that weight. I think they mean well."

You have to laugh, or you'll cry.

It seems as if these sorts of exchanges are commonplace when it comes to dealing with family.

Another person offered: "My dad literally told me to look for a boyfriend in the local Morrison's since I go there so much. Parents are f****** ruthless."

One commented: "If it makes you feel better, my uncle gave me a chat recently about how I should think about freezing my eggs. MY UNCLE not even my mum."

Anyway, enjoy the company of your family this Christmas time - even if you can't see them in person - and try to take any comments worthy of this list with a pinch of salt.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Adem Waterman

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