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Mum Confronts Son After He Leaves Bag From DipDabs Out

Amelia Ward

| Last updated 

Mum Confronts Son After He Leaves Bag From DipDabs Out

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

Remember DipDabs? They were those lollies that you could dip in to sherbet to create a concoction that tasted amazing and could also rot your teeth in minutes.

Well, you can now get ice lolly versions from Iceland (shop, not country), that come with an innocent bag of sherbet sugar. All very pure and wholesome so far.

Daniel Coole, 27, who is staying with his mum and dad after coronavirus lockdown scuppered his imminent move to London, had indulged in one of the cold treats while the weather was hot.

Credit: Iceland
Credit: Iceland

Speaking to LADbible, Daniel, a writer, explained: "Over the weekend I decided to get some essential shopping done in Iceland and stumbled across a range of sweet shop ice lollies, or lolly ices as people keep shouting at me.

"Fast forward a couple of days and I had just finished my tea and the weather was nice so I thought I would crack open the iced treats. I decided to go for the DipDab, which as a side note, is the official name, meaning we have all spent years pronouncing it wrong, the biggest shock of everything it would seem.

"I decided against the included sherbet dip as I was due to jump on a conference call and knew it would end up all over my laptop keyboard."

Forgetting to put the bag of sugar back in the box, he left it out on the kitchen counter.

While on the call, he received a text, which started with the 'mum' classic: "Anything you want to tell me?"

Daniel's mum was all ready to tell his dad about her discovery. Credit: LADbible
Daniel's mum was all ready to tell his dad about her discovery. Credit: LADbible

Those words make you feel guilty, even if you have nothing to declare, so Daniel replied: "I don't think so why? Xx"

Wanting to know what the illicit substance that had been left on the worktop was, she then sent a photo of the evidence, along with the message: "Care to explain this before I show your dad?"

And that is the real clincher here, Daniel added: "This is still something that sends panic through my body at 27."

Daniel and his mum. Credit: LADbible
Daniel and his mum. Credit: LADbible

Replying to tell her it wasn't in fact a Class A substance, Daniel said: "My mum is so innocent that I think she failed to notice that if they were drugs, they probably wouldn't come in a factory sealed packet."

To prove his innocence, Daniel got the packet out of the freezer to show his mum the other packets of sherbet.

He added: "She has now decided that Iceland need to clearly label the packets to avoid further confusion. Confusion that, I would argue, is unlikely to be widespread."

Daniel had to prove his innocence. Credit: LADbible
Daniel had to prove his innocence. Credit: LADbible

He shared the beautiful exchange on Twitter, writing: "So Iceland have just released DipDab ice lollies and I left the sherbet on the side because I didn't want it and now my mum thinks I'm dealing x"

And it appears lots of other people have suspicious parents and it seems Daniel's mum isn't the only one to think the worst of the most innocent items.

Someone responded to Daniel's tweet, saying: "A friend of mine was asked to 'explain' the massive bag of powder found in her room. It was the plaster of Paris from her Beatrix Potter model set."

Another replied: "My mum once found a tablet with an 'S' on it and showed my dad. He furiously told her it was ecstasy and Googled it to show her. The first result was a parent asking the same question, to which the reply was: 'Lick it, it's probably a Smint'. It was a Smint."

Daniel shared the exchange with his mum on Twitter. Credit: LADbible
Daniel shared the exchange with his mum on Twitter. Credit: LADbible

Thankfully, it was all cleared up with Daniel's mum, who has even got herself a bit of a following on Twitter thanks to their antics - although she understandably doesn't really get or care about the concept of social media fame.

Daniel added: "She seems to have a bit of a fan base from my previous tweets though, people sometimes ask me how she is and tell me that they love her."

It's fair to say, Daniel's mum sounds like a total legend.

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Amelia Ward
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