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Mum Creates 'Face Mask' With Wine Flap And It's Dubbed The 'Best Invention'

Mum Creates 'Face Mask' With Wine Flap And It's Dubbed The 'Best Invention'

Emily Rumbold joked around with the baby wipe packet to give people a bit of a laugh

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A mum has jokingly created a face mask with a 'wine flap' and it's been dubbed the 'best invention ever' by people on TikTok.

Emily Rumbold attached elastic straps to an empty packet of baby wipes and shared a video of herself opening the flap on the front and taking a sip from her vino.


It's worth noting that this won't be a genuine face mask that should be used for real protection... she was just doing it for s**ts and giggles.

Emily, 36, from Gippsland in Australia, posted the creation on to TikTok with the caption: "Doing my bit to stop the spread," and it racked up thousand of views.

The mum-of-seven told Daily Mail Australia how she had joined TikTok during the country's first lockdown in March 'for a bit of fun' and never expected her videos to be seen by such a large audience.

She explained to the publication: "Without trying to take away the seriousness [of the second wave of infections] I just wanted to have a bit of fun with it. There's been lot of mask videos going around and I thought I'd join in."


Well whatever her reason was, people are loving the idea. One viewer said: "Omg this is the best invention ever no joke."

Another chimed in adding: "This is exactly what I need," as a third commented: "Best idea out there!!"

So that's one thing to do with your mask. But while it may not be an effective device for reducing the spread of Covid-19, at least Emily isn't fashioning underwear from her face covering like the bloke spotted strutting his stuff down Oxford Street in London.

As you can probably imagine, the unidentified fella drew plenty of looks from passers-by as he walked through the capital on the same day that it became mandatory to wear face masks while in shops in England (24 July). I'm fairly sure this isn't what Boris Johnson had in mind, though.


Plenty of shoppers, who were adhering to the new rules and wearing masks, stopped to take a second look at the unusual sight of a mostly-naked dude walking around like it was no big deal.

Face coverings are now mandatory for shoppers in England, with a few exceptions, and anyone found flouting the rules could be whacked with a £100 fine or refused entry to shops.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/mumdadof7

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