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Mum Hilariously Parodies Kim Kardashian's Revealing Dress

Mum Hilariously Parodies Kim Kardashian's Revealing Dress

The mum's homemade versions of risque outfits have earned her a large fan base on social media

For many mudbloods, gazing longingly at celebrities on TV and Instagram and wishing to be able to pull off their outfits is a daily chore.

But one brave mum didn't just gawp at Kim Kardashian's super revealing outfit at The Avalon like the rest of us. Instead, she decided to recreate and model the design herself, and share the result on social media.

Braver still, Laura uploaded her own version of the get up alongside Kim's designer original. Now, that was never going to be a flattering comparison, given the contrast between the raw materials they're working with... dress-wise, that is.

Laura shared the picture on her blog, Knee Deep In Life, and pointed out the impact their respective financial resources had on the end result.

Anyone for a game of spot the difference?

The caption read: "GOOGLE GOALS..... FASHION.... When they tell you it's on backwards and you say, BITCH PLEASE!! This is fashion.

"Sometimes it's about accepting budgetary constraints meant you couldn't afford the whole dress, so you just work with what you got and pray your left tit doesn't pop out and start mopping the floor as you make pack lunches. @kimkardashian #googlegoals #funnyphotos #bitchplease #tightbudget #nailedit."

The post proved extremely popular with her followers, receiving more than 5,000 comments, which were by and large showering the mum with praise.

Kim Kardashian at the 5th Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards.

One person said: "You my lady make me smile and laugh out loud daily! You just carry on being you! U wonderful human being... life is too damn serious sometimes!"

Another commented: "I literally love you. You make me laugh so much x". While one amused fan joked: "You wear it so much better darling."

Another said: "That look really suits you.. But I wouldn't wear it for the school run. love you xx."

Of course, Laura was never trying to make jaws drop in the same way as KK. Visit her Instagram page and you will see she has recreated the outfits and poses of many celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande, always with the intention of amusing and empowering.

So just in case you were fearing this may be a one time thing, don't worry, there's bound to be more to come.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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