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Mum Shouts 'No!' And Stops Son Proposing In Viral Video

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Mum Shouts 'No!' And Stops Son Proposing In Viral Video

A man was stopped from proposing when his mum shouted out 'No!' just as he was about to produce the ring. Watch here:


Dan - who goes by the name @catdaddan on TikTok - was about to pop the question to his girlfriend when his mum intervened.

In a viral video, he can be seen reaching for the ring in his pocket and is about to proffer it to his other half, who is stood on a wall, when his mum interjects, shouting: "Danny, no!"


The video - captioned 'My dad didn't know what to do, so he just kept recording' - has been viewed 9.5 million times, and many people seem to think the would-be-fiancée dodged a bullet.

One person commented: "She got lucky then. Who wants to marry someone that lets mom pick out their wife?"

Another said: "Not sure what's worse, a controlling mom or a man baby who doesn't make his own decision."

A third added: "Lucky girl. She dodged a controlling MIL and a husband with no backbone."

The romantic moment was ruined. Credit: TikTok/@catdaddan
The romantic moment was ruined. Credit: TikTok/@catdaddan

However, Dan later revealed that his other half didn't dodge the seemingly 'controlling MIL and husband with no backbone', as they went on to tie the knot following a more successful proposal.

They also returned to the wall for their engagement photos, to commemorate the moment.

So it seems Dan did choose his own wife in the end, and in fact, his mum might not be as controlling as she appeared.


Just after she shouted 'Danny, no!' it sounds like the mum urged the girlfriend to 'get down' from the wall - so perhaps she ruined the proposal over safety concerns, not controlling mother concerns.

Whatever the case, she doesn't seem too bothered about the criticism she's received on TikTok.

In a subsequent video, Dan can be seen showing his mum the viral clip.

Laughing, she said: "Kind of rude, making fun of me!"


In other proposals-gone-wrong news, a man recently opened up about how his fiancée didn't think the $20,000 (£14,000) engagement ring he got her was good enough.

The unnamed 30-year-old man posted on Reddit about his difficult predicament, asking: "AITA [Am I The A**hole] for buying my fiancée a lab grown diamond and refusing to exchange it for a natural stone?"

He explained his fiancée, 27, initially seemed happy with the ring, but then asked him how much he'd spent.

"I told her that I had spent about $20,000 on it that I had been squirrelling away for the last 10 years," he said.


"She was initially floored that I had spent so much but later became suspicious that I had managed to get such a large stone (3.6 carats) for the price, and asked to see the diamond certificate I got with the ring.

"I, of course, showed it to her (I thought she was worried I had been duped into buying a fake) and when she saw it was lab-grown she got upset that I hadn't bought her a 'real' diamond."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@catdaddan

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Jake Massey
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