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Pauline Hanson Asked Her Followers For Examples Of Anti-White Racism And Got Ripped In The Comments

Pauline Hanson Asked Her Followers For Examples Of Anti-White Racism And Got Ripped In The Comments

The hashtag #WakeUpToRacism has gone viral on Twitter over the last few days, with people revealing the overt and subtle ways they've experienced discrimination based on their race.

It's a really eye opening insight in the things people of colour deal with on a daily basis, whether it be make-up companies having loads of white skin tones and barely any other varieties for darker skin tones to people having obscene things yelled in their face.


But of course it didn't take long until it was hijacked by some people who tried to use it as a way to show how caucasians were suffering.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson jumped on Twitter to ask her followers to give examples where they were persecuted.

"A twitter mob is trying to get me deplatformed. I think we can turn their hashtag into a force for good. Anti-white racism is often ignored because victims remain silent but it is important the truth get out. Use #WakeUpToRacism to share your experiences of anti-white racism," the politician wrote.

Well, unsurprisingly, she got floored in the comments with a variety of jokes and well-worded examples of white people's privilege.


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"I went through a tunnel and couldn't access Triple M for about 3 minutes and 42 seconds," wrote one person.

"I'm white. I live in a diverse area, and I couldn't be happier. I've never suffered any type of racism. The people that scare me are ignorant people like you, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. They are armed to the teeth and they have an axe to grind," said another.

A third added: "The other day the grocery store was out of mayonnaise, and when I told them my cookout needed a full complement of condiments the manager failed to call the other local branches to have a jar delivered urgently."

Another person wrote: "I'm definitely treated differently for being white. Last month for instance, I sailed through immigration checks in Australia, USA and Canada while my brown friends were treated like terrorists and given the 3rd degree everywhere we went."

This user summed it up perfectly with: "My white friend is scared to speak out but he is sick and tired of being singled for higher wages, longer lifespan, better access to housing, education and healthcare."

Other people mentioned the massive health gap between white Australians and Aboriginals as well as the idea that caucasians aren't stalked by security guards in the same way as people of colour are.

Probably not the best idea to play the race card Pauline.

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