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People Are Freaking Out About A Horoscope App's Daily Suggestions

People Are Freaking Out About A Horoscope App's Daily Suggestions

Depending on the type of person you are, you might think horoscopes are an insightful, meaningful, interesting astrological service that helps you navigate the ups and downs of life, or you might think it's an absolute crock of shit.

Some horoscopes are deliberately vague, allowing you to insert your hectic life into the seemingly meaningful sentence, whereas others might be a bit more specific.


But one horoscope app is going viral on the internet for being incredible brief and rather blunt.

While Co-Star provides users with a couple of sentences of their predicted week or month inside the app, the smartphone push notifications for their 'Day at a Glance' are a bit different.


One notification told their user to 'fake laugh' while another encouraged the user to 'tell a friend your life story'.

Others were a bit deeper with 'Being a human is hard and you try your best' and there were some brutal ones like 'Has falling in love with a fantasy ever worked out well for you?' and 'Have you ever thought you talk too much?'

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Then they get straight up weird with 'The calcium in your bones were made by collapsing stars' and 'Contemplate how you get someone to succumb to you'.

According to the app's website, Co-Star 'uses NASA data, coupled with methods of professional astrologers, to algorithmically generate insights about your personality and your future'.

While the app's actual horoscopes seem pretty genuine, it's hard to tell whether these push notifications are just a marketing ploy to get people buzzing about it on social media.

There's a rumour that Starbucks does the same thing with people's names during the ordering process.

If the rumour is to be believed, Starbucks employees deliberately spell customer's names wrong in order for them to find it so funny they post a picture of it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

To be honest - it's not a terrible marketing strategy as it's 100 percent free. But it does run the risk of making your employees look like idiots because they can't spell 'Mike' correctly.

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