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People Baffled By Man's First Drink At Pub As Beer Gardens Reopen

People Baffled By Man's First Drink At Pub As Beer Gardens Reopen

He told BBC News the tipple was 'beautiful' - but it wouldn't have been many people's first choice.

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

After months of waiting, people in England have been flocking to the pub for a long overdue pint; but one fella's first order has baffled drinkers. Watch here:

As BBC News reported on the jubilant scenes across the land, the team in the field/beer garden looked to close their segment with that textbook shot of a pubgoer supping on their first pint; and they thought they'd found their man in this bloke with the blue hat.

But as the reporter's voiceover culminated with the line 'for many, it was that pint in the pub garden that tasted so sweet', viewers watched on in horror as the patron decanted a bottle of beer into a glass.

After taking his first sip, the man said: "Ahhh that's beautiful. Well worth the wait."

In case the public's issue with this isn't immediately apparent - bottles of Corona/Sol/Desperados have been available from supermarkets throughout the pandemic. It's the inimitable delight of the draught pint which people have been craving for so long.

Josh Evans shared the clip on Twitter with the caption '"Well worth the wait" for a BOTTLE of Corona hahahahha', and it has racked up almost 10,000 likes.

This is not what we've been waiting for.

Commenting on the video, one person said: "Must be some distance to his fridge."

Another commented: "Should be exited from the pub, by force, immediately. It has its time and place but that was not it."

A third added: "Imagine going to a pub and buying a bottle of that pishwater when you could buy a draft [sic] pint."

Anyway, while his choice of tipple was clearly daft, the most important thing is we have our beer gardens back, at last.

People have been packing out beer gardens across the country.

As of Monday (12 April), outdoor hospitality was allowed to reopen as part of Step Two of the 'roadmap' to lifting lockdown restrictions in England.

People can meet in beer gardens with one other household in a group of any size (though pubs may put their own limits on this), or in a group of up to six people from different households.

Step Three will begin no earlier than 17 May, at which point pubs will be allowed to reopen indoors - by which point the weather will hopefully be starting to warm up, after we've all spent five weeks eating and drinking al fresco in the icy wind and pouring rain.

Still, whatever the weather - and whatever the beverage - it's good to be back at the pub.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Twitter

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