People Stunned At Man's Incredible Moonwalk Skills

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People Stunned At Man's Incredible Moonwalk Skills

One guy has got unbelievable skills when it comes to moonwalking, with followers saying he looked like he was roller-skating. Watch him go:


Dancer Kamil Szpejenkowski, whose incredible videos are viewed hundreds of thousands of times on TikTok, is from Poland and regularly posts videos of himself at various points in his city dancing to different songs.

One of his TikTok videos, in which he danced to 'Smooth Criminal' by Michael Jackson, was posted on Twitter where it soon racked up more than 200,000 likes and 2,000 comments.


The tweet read: "I've watched the video 100 times now and I'm still in awe. Further, how the woman just walks by like this is normal."

TikTok users loved the video, with thousands commenting on how smooth his walk is.

One person said: "Lost count of how many times I've watched this."

One shocked viewer wrote: "I legit thought he was wearing roller skates at the start of that."


Another replied: "Bro, you really do move a lot more smoother than most of the impersonators that imitate him. You move just like him bud and I'm glad you do!"

Credit: TikTok/@dancingsfinks
Credit: TikTok/@dancingsfinks

A fourth commented: "Amazing talent, how old were you when you realised that you could do things other kids could don't? Bet you got all the girls."

To which he replied that he had started dancing at the age of three.


Another joked: "My knees would have gone!"

The dancer replied: "My secret is gelatine everyday on an empty stomach."


Another viewer asked if there is a certain type of shoe that helps the technique, to which he said a 'flat, stiff sole' will help, just in case you wanted to give it a go yourself.


Other videos on his TikTok show him dancing in a large square, but his speciality appears to be the traffic light dance.

Moonwalking is where the dancer glides backwards, while appearing to make forward walking motions with their feet.

Although it's widely thought that it was created by Michael Jackson, professional dancer Derek 'Cooley' Jaxson claims it was actually him who was one of the first to show MJ how to do the dance.

Michael Jackson was famous for his moonwalk. Credit: PA
Michael Jackson was famous for his moonwalk. Credit: PA

He says the moonwalk is based on another move called the backslide .

Speaking to ABC, he said: "The backslide - you slide backward and [you] make you look like you're walking forward. So it's an illusion.

"The moonwalk is in a circular motion... like you're floating in air... And you keep continuing in a circle."

He added: "The moonwalk was coined from Michael Jackson. That was a whole different dance move."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dancingsfinks

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