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People Devastated After Aussie Police Destroy Haul Of Illegal Alcohol

People Devastated After Aussie Police Destroy Haul Of Illegal Alcohol

Many people have this idea of what a police contraband locker looks like: a room or cupboard full of illegal drugs, weapons and other miscellaneous items that have been seized during raids and arrests.

What the force does with these objects is anyone's guess but obviously some get destroyed so that no one gets to enjoy them.

How each police station dumps these things up to them and some have rather unique ways of dealing with this situation. While some might burn the contraband, one West Australian police force decided to crush it with a police car.

A haul of illegal alcohol was discovered by Fitzroy Crossing Police and they used a police four-wheel drive to crush every single can of Emu Export that was seized.


Uploading a clip of the massacre, the cops wrote: "Sly grogging in Fitzroy Crossing will not be tolerated and we will catch you.

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"The person responsible for this haul received $2000 in fines. Report sly grogging to us, we would love to reduce the damaging impact it has on the community."

According to the West Australian police, sly grogging is when you sell alcohol without a licence.


Their website states: "It is an offence to sell liquor without a licence or to carry liquor for the purpose of sale. This is often known as sly grogging.

Credit: Fitzroy Crossing Police/Twitter
Credit: Fitzroy Crossing Police/Twitter

"There are substantial fines for sly grogging and any vehicle in which that liquor was carried may also be seized and be liable to forfeiture."

People watching the video uploaded by Fitzroy Crossing Police were devastated to see such good beer being wasted.

"What a terrible waste of nectar," said one person.

"Thoughts and prayers to the families those chooks could of gone too," added another.

A third wrote: "Warning: Scenes are confronting viewers discretion is advised."

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