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People Want This Humans Of New York Story To Be Turned Into A TV Series

People Want This Humans Of New York Story To Be Turned Into A TV Series

Think you've got a story that'd make a good movie or TV show? Don't we all, mate. But one person's story has emerged online that has people demanding it be turned into a TV series.

The incredibly popular photoblog Humans of New York has been detailing the inhabitants of one of the world's most popular cities since 2010. Photographer Brandon Stanton has been interviewing folks from all parts of the Big Apple and he's shone a light on some amazing people.


But none have reach the jaw-dropping level of Tanqueray's story.

The former stripper is the latest person to be documented by Stanton and her life sounds like one hell of a ride.

The post on Humans Of New York read: "My mom threw me out of the house at seventeen for getting pregnant, then had me arrested when I tried to get my clothes.

"Then she f***ed the head of parole to try to keep me in jail. She was some prime p**** back then. But the warden did some tests on me and found out I was smart, so I got a scholarship to go anywhere in New York."


Despite actually hating the experience, Tanqueray chose the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she learned how to create beautiful garments.

After graduating, she threw herself into the drag and LGBT communities in New York City, as well as the stripper and porn star scenes, and ended up making outfits for people.

She continued: "All my friends were gay people, because they never judged me.

"All I did was gay bars: drag queen contests, Crisco Disco, I loved the whole scene. And I couldn't get enough of the costumes."

The three-part story then moves on to the period when Tanqueray began stripping.

She added: "Back in the seventies I was the only black girl making white girl money.

"I danced in so many mob clubs that I learned Italian. Black girls weren't even allowed in some of these places."

Tanqueray said she was earning tons of money when she went on the road rather than at strip clubs. But when she was dancing, she had some, let's say, 'interesting' tricks up her sleeve to grab people's attention.

She also revealed that there were certain rules and big punishments for breaking them.

Tanqueray said: "I caught another dancer sneaking off to the Tate Hotel with our biggest tipper. Not allowed. So the next night we put a little itching powder in her G-string. Boy did she put on a show that night."

The third part to the story delves into how the mob controlled all the clubs back in the day and she reminisced how mobsters used to take great care of their hair. She also added a tale about the first time she did a 'trick' which ended up being her last because the client wanted to spank her with a real belt.

She said: "Madame Blanche set my best friend Vicki up with The President every time he came to New York. And don't you dare write his name cause I can't afford the lawyers."

The comments section in the three separate Instagram posts are flooded with people who are genuinely bewildered, gobsmacked and amazed that such a life has been lived and continues to be lived.

What are you waiting for, TV producers? This is one hell of a story.

Featured Image Credit: Humans Of New York/Brandon Stanton

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