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Student Hands In The Most Aussie Review Of Their School Excursion

Student Hands In The Most Aussie Review Of Their School Excursion

"But Oi nah tall ships the other day wasn’t too bad...overall it was alright, but it was a bit yeah-nahish you know."

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Excursions can be some of the best days you have during school.

Sure, some of the places you go are stale AF and can be kind of boring but then there are other days where you go to a cool science museum (Questacon for those who visited Canberra) and get to run around and play with stuff.

When you get back from said excursion, your teacher might get you to do an essay on the experience so you can reflect on what you learned. Most people will turn in a half-assed account of what happened, what they saw and how they felt.

But all these essays are pitiful compared to one submitted by a Queensland student.


It's apparent this student went on an excursion to Moreton Island, just off the coast of Brisbane. They got to look at some tall ships and see how hard it was for early settlers to sail.

But the language used in the essay is simply brilliant.

"Like we had Tall ships on yesterday and we sailed a ship n stuff but Oi nah tall ships the other day wasn't too bad," the assignment read.

"Like it got a tad boring at times but overall it was alright, but it was a bit yeah-nahish you know.

"You had to pull the ropes and it gave you phat blisters and terminal arthritis in 90 percent of your fingers which was a bit of a pain. When we pulled up off Moreton Island we chucked some hectic flips off the side of the boat."

This poet continued to describe how they got to see 'man-eating dolphins' and copped a 'phat feed' after their swim.

Tall ships can be fun...sometimes.

They continued: "I nearly capsized the ship and killed everyone, but it was all good. I'd give the day a solid 6/10."

We hope the teacher gave this student a goddamn A or 100 percent or whatever the top mark is for the assignment. We felt like we were right there with the kids at Moreton Island.

It seems like people on Reddit, where the excerpt was posted, were loving the language used.

"This [person] could be f**king Prime Minister one day," said one person.

"This is the funniest thing I've seen on the internet for a long time," said another.

A third weighed in saying: "As a first year English teacher, I would seriously have to consult with HOD as to what grade I could give this brilliant piece of writing. Technically, it's 100% but the colloquialisms make it hard."

Can't wait for this student's next excursion.

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