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Teen Reveals How He Got £100 Of Free Food And Drink From Costa Coffee

Teen Reveals How He Got £100 Of Free Food And Drink From Costa Coffee

Noah Brierley, from Woking, Surrey, signed up to the Costa app and referred his friends and followers

A teenager has revealed how he got more than £100 of food and drink from Costa for free, using their refer a friend incentive on the app.

Noah Brierley, from Woking in Surrey, signed up to the popular coffee chain's app and used the offer which gives you 200 points - the equivalent of £2 - whenever someone signs up using a referral code.

In a video posted to his TikTok, 15-year-old Noah, talks his followers through the smart trick which gained him 200 points and gave the friend downloading the app a free coffee worth 300 points.

Noah picked up a host of treats including fizzy drinks, crisps, sandwiches, wraps, blended juice drinks as well as hot drinks.

The offer on the app.
Noah shared the awesome hack on TikTok.

In the minute-long clip, Noah says: "Earlier this month, I saw that Costa Coffee were doing a promotion where anyone who downloaded or already had the app could get 300 points, equal to £3, for free on the app.

"When I downloaded the app, I also noticed that if you could get your friend to sign up to the Costa Coffee app with your code, and they made a purchase, you could both earn another £2 on your Costa account.

"I wanted to make a video on my TikTok about how people could get free Costa Coffee and realised that if I could get people to sign up with my code then I could get a lot of free Costa money."


He went on: "It would be a win-win situation because both me and my followers would be getting points. Soon enough I was referring loads of people to the app which was allowing me to get loads of points every single day."

The video has racked up over 20,000 views with Noah explaining that at the end of July, the offer will stop but people using his code can still get a free coffee.

People responded to Noah on the video telling him how they'd used his code to bag themselves a free bev.

One wrote: "I used your code man and got a Costa yesterday." Another added: "That's a big brain."

A third person added: "This is genius."

LADbible has contacted Costa for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@noahxboa

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