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The 'Basic' IKEA Squiggle Mirror That Everyone Still Owns

The 'Basic' IKEA Squiggle Mirror That Everyone Still Owns

There is no shame in admitting it

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A staple in every teenager's bedroom in the 00s, the infamous IKEA 'squiggle' mirror has finally got the recognition it deserves, thanks to the power of Twitter.

If there's ever been a tweet that could be described as 'nail on the head' it's this one.

This Twitter user spectacularly summed up the phenomenon that was the IKEA mirror, which goes by the formal title of the 'KRABB'.

Priced at a student friendly £9, and truly giving you the edge over the kids on your street, or indeed your uni flatmates, the mirror hasn't disappeared into obscurity, as you might have thought it would. Oh no, in fact, the tweet proved quite the opposite.

It appears the Krabb is still going strong, and social media users came out in their droves to prove it.

As one user pointed out, there is A LOT going on in the reflection of this image, but it still doesn't take away from that squiggly design.

Those who are a bit extra have gone one step further with Krabb. They've doubled up. That's right - the quirkier amongst us have not one, but two Krabbs side by side. Jealous.

According to an IKEA spokesperson, the Krabb mirror has actually been around since 1995, and seeing as it's still in stock online, we're pretty certain it'll be around for a whole lot longer.

While you're picking up your new mirror, you could continue your foray into flat pack construction by picking up one of these DIY chocolate bunnies - just in time for Easter. It comes in three separate pieces that you put together yourself, just like a wardrobe, but tastier, and also loads easier.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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