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'Thief' Leaves Brutal Message After 'Stealing' Back Their Own Bike

'Thief' Leaves Brutal Message After 'Stealing' Back Their Own Bike

Puts a new spin on 'getting your own back'

A Dublin cyclist has gone viral after leaving a brutal, yet brilliant message behind when they 'stole' back their own bike.

According to the note they left in the bicycle's place, the original 'owner' was just reclaiming what was rightfully theirs.

The handmade sign was spotted in the Dublin district of Smithfield. Passers-by evidently thought it was hilarious as they shared pictures of it taped to the railing on social media.

The note was left in place of the bicycle.
The note was left in place of the bicycle.

The message, which was scribbled in bright orange ink, reads: "If you looking for the grey bike - I stole it back - it was mine.

"Photos and serial number to prove! So long sucker! Ha ha loser!"

It's not known whether the bike was stolen by the person who had left it locked up, or whether that unfortunate person had bought it without realising it was stolen goods.

However most people applauded the original owner for managing to get their property back, with one person taking to social media to say: "Good morning to this sign in Smithfield and this sign only!"

Another added: "Nice one!" While a third said: "The sweet taste of justice."


Another, who admitted they wouldn't go to the same lengths, said: "S**t, I was gutted when my bike was stolen but I don't know if I'd do this.

"Pretty sure bike robbers don't lock up the bikes they steal, they sell them on. Maybe I WOULD, but wouldn't put the 'ha ha'. I think we are just endlessly recycling stolen bikes!"

A second added: "What if the person genuinely thought they were buying a bike from the owner? Now they're left feeling the same. Should've waited till they came back for it."

Earlier this year, a guy bought a stolen £1,350 bike for £80 before returning it to the owner.

Ste Burke, from Liverpool, UK, bought the bike for the knock-down price, recognising that it was worth much, much more.

Social media was then at its magical best, and with the help of thousands of comments and retweets, the bike's true owner was tracked down.

Sharing the good news, Ste said: "Was messaged on here by someone and it ended up being the fella whose bike it was.

"He had the key to the bike lock and all the paperwork to go with it. Ended up being from Dovecot [in Liverpool].

"Said his house got had off two days ago and he'd saved up and spent £1,250 on the bike last year.

"Said his house has been had off but he's made up that he's managed to get his bike back, so happy days. It's in the right hands now."

Be more Ste, right?

Featured Image Credit: PA

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