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Thousands Join 'Leave Work And Go The Beer Garden, They Can't Sack Us All' Facebook Group

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Thousands Join 'Leave Work And Go The Beer Garden, They Can't Sack Us All' Facebook Group

If anyone is sat in work during this heatwave (erm, hello), you will understand the intense sense of FOMO, the jealousy at any sound of fun or joy you hear from outside the office and the inescapable urge to get right to the pub.

And that sharp pang of resentment towards anyone who is free to leave work and go and enjoy their life is probably what caused the Facebook group 'Leave work and go the beer garden, they can't sack all of us' to be created.

The event page, created by Facebook group 'The Sesh', says that the big day is happening on 19 August - which is a pretty optimistic suggestion for how long 'summer' is going to last.

People are keen. Credit: Facebook
People are keen. Credit: Facebook

But still, it's not putting people off.

At the moment, 15K have said they are going, with 56K saying they are 'interested' in the event, and that number is rising by the minute. And is it any wonder?

While we're not thick enough to think this is an actual event - I like to think of it as a movement of sorts - if on the big day, you and all your work pals have the balls to boldly get up, call it a day and head to the beer garden, then you are part of the revolution, my friends.

And as the title clearly states, 'they' - which is presumably a similar entity to 'the man' - can't sack the entire workforce; hopefully not anyway.


To be clear, we aren't condoning leaving your job to go to the pub - that may amount to gross misconduct, but if you unite with the rest of your colleagues, your boss might just be sound enough to give you the afternoon off (big hint).

Cheers to hopefully not getting sacked. Credit: Pexels
Cheers to hopefully not getting sacked. Credit: Pexels

Of course, people on Facebook are keen AF, and some are getting all rebellious about it.

One user commented: "The revolution starts here," while another said: "I'm down. LET'S STAND FOR OUR RIGHTS!"


I would be inclined to agree.

Some are even resorting to peer pressure to get their mates to join in, with someone commenting: "Soft s***e, you haven't even got it in you."

Reverse psychology, nice tactic.

But then one clever fella pointed out: "You're kinda forgetting something here. You are encouraging everyone to leave work early and sit in a pub garden....



There's always one, isn't there.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Amelia Ward
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