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​Twin Stands In For His Brother On High School Picture Day

​Twin Stands In For His Brother On High School Picture Day

The bond between twins is unlike any other - just think of all the trouble you can get up to, either tricking people with your confusing identical ways or simply just having each other as a partner in crime, like these wee LADs:

But two twins in South Carolina took things to even greater levels, when one stepped in when his brother was ill and pretended to be him for high school picture day.


Saying that his brother, Malcolm, is the 'greatest of all time', Marcus Williams tweeted: "He took both of our pics for Picture day back in HS when I was sick."

I mean, even after knowing that the photos of the brothers were in fact of the same person, some people in the LADbible office still managed to feel confused ("Oh my God, they look EXACTLY the same! Oh, wait..."), so it's no wonder the brothers managed to fool everyone.


We're not the only ones, thankfully, as it turns out even some people that know the brothers personally were a bit stumped by the whole twin thing at first.

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Someone from their school commented to say: "Tbh it took my 2 years to figure out y'all were twins. I thought I just kept seeing the same person walking around the halls but then realized there's two of you." (sic)


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She added: "I was so mind blown when I saw both of you together - I was like oh my God there's two?!!!" (sic)

The story gets even better in the comment thread, too, as it turns out there's a good story behind their names.


After someone posed what seemed like a bit of a radical theory, Marcus went on to confirm that he and Malcolm are named after Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X - two of the biggest names in black rights and activism.

"Garvey is my middle name," he added, prompting someone else to ask: "Malcolm's can't be X, is it?"

It is - and Marcus proved it by sharing a screenshot from his mum's Facebook, where she hashtagged her sons as #MarcusGarvey and #MalcolmX.


Man, what an excellent plot twist.

Featured Image Credit: Marcus Williams/Twitter

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