CCTV Camera Captures ‘Ghost’ Inside Irish High School

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CCTV Camera Captures ‘Ghost’ Inside Irish High School

Whether you loved or hated high school, we can probably all agree that when graduation finally came around, it was good to officially move into adulthood.

But imagine for just a hot little second that you were trapped in your school halls for eternity, forced to put up with grapevine gossip, endless drama and hundreds of pubescent, hormonal teens.

Well that's what some people reckon is going on at a high school in Ireland.



If you're like me, you were probably staring at that video waiting for some scary creature to pop up out of nowhere. Thankfully that didn't happen, but what did appear on the screen was arguably more terrifying.

This is different to most 'ghost' videos that you see online, which usually focus on a 'figure' that 'only the camera lens can pick up'.

In this particular footage, what you first see is a door opening and closing on its own, and then a few seconds later one unit of lockers begins to shake.


If the CCTV's time stamp is correct, showing the footage was captured at 3.07am, it's highly unlikely that people would have been in the building.

But, if you were still doubting the presence of something then the next movement is pretty hard to explain. Out of nowhere, a locker door springs open, with a book and a few pieces of paper spilling onto the floor.


The final and arguably creepiest movement comes at the end of the video when a wet floor sign is mysteriously kicked over.


The mysterious video was filmed at Deerpark CBS, a school in Cork, Ireland, after motion-activated cameras were installed on site.

Principal Kevin Barry told the Sun: "Obviously we were alerted to movement in the school and when we went back to review the movement, that's what we saw.

"It was in the middle of the night. We're bemused ourselves, we don't know [what it is].


"We do feel there is something strange going on, because people do get from time to time a real chill in the air when they go past that area.

"It's very interesting - one of my teachers brings his pet in with him but the pet never wants to go down that way."

Come on, we all know that pets are well versed in the supernatural and it's pretty much guaranteed that they can see spirits or ghosts.

The one thing that doesn't bode well for the authenticity of the footage is that it was uploaded onto the school's Facebook page just before a Halloween-themed event called Fearpark. Coincidence? I think not. Oh, and it's also pretty unlikely that a CCTV camera would have a microphone attached and be positioned at that angle.


Ghosts, though.

Featured Image Credit: Deerpark C.B.S

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