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Weird Circular Cloud Spotted In The Sky Above China

Weird Circular Cloud Spotted In The Sky Above China

Another day, another piece of proof to add to our 'Aliens Definitely Exist And It's Only A Matter Of Time Before We Meet' them folder.

This latest clip comes from China, where shocked villagers filmed a weird disk-shaped cloud (or should we say space craft?) in the sky.


Credit: Newsflare

The footage shows the weird, orange-coloured cloud in an otherwise clear sky. Since being filmed its done the rounds on Chinese social media site Weibo and UFO-hunters have said that since it was spotted on 2 November, there's been an increase in the number of sightings of objects in the sky.

According to the weird cloud formation was spotted in a village in Shaoyang town, Shangrao of Jiangxi Province. The cloud was seen hovering for around 10 minutes were villagers rushed to grab their phones and film it.

A similar, but darker cloud ring was spotted in the UK earlier this year. Check it out:


Credit: SWNS

Kimberly Robinson and her boyfriend, Danny Cooper, near Birkenshaw on the M62, which is a motorway in the north west of England.

Kimberly said: "Me and my boyfriend were driving today and noticed a black, flying ring in the sky. It looked a bit smokey but the shape was a solid ring.

"We hadn't ever seen anything like this before so we have looked into it and no one knows what it is."

The local fire service confirmed that they had no reports of a fire in the area that day and the plot gets even thicker when you add the Met Office into the mix.

A spokesperson from the Met Office said: "We have had a look at it and cannot think of anything meteorological that would have caused such a phenomenon."

Scary shit, eh?

Sadly, our dreams of proof aliens exist and are somehow dicking with our clouds are shattered once again.

Nick Pope, who has previously investigated UFOs for the Ministry of Defence, had a mundane explanation for the weird black cloud.

Credit: SWNS

He said: "Despite exotic theories about UFOs, aliens, or portals to other dimensions, I believe there's a decidedly down-to-earth explanation here. A so-called smoke vortex can arise when you have a blast through a circular structure like a smokestack. So these weird effects can be caused by accident - or indeed by design.

"On this latter point, they can be created as a sort of pyrotechnic effect, and it would be interesting to know if there were any outdoor festivals being held in the area concerned.

"I realise that by debunking this I'll probably be accused of working for the Illuminati or something, but I genuinely think we can close the case file on this one."

I think Nick works the Illuminati, he's tried to throw us off by saying it first, but we know. The truth is out there.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare

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Weird Circular Cloud Spotted In The Sky Above China

Weird Circular Cloud Spotted In The Sky Above China

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