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Time Traveller Provides 'Proof' That He Went Into The Future

Time Traveller Provides 'Proof' That He Went Into The Future

Another day, another time traveller speaking out to tell us about what the world has in store for us.


But, unlike many of the others, Alexander Smith has proof - yup, our man Alex has a photograph which he says is from the year 2118.

Speaking to Apex TV, which is your go-to YouTube channel for time travellers, the man says he was sent through time as part of a CIA project back in 1981.

He said: "I visited the year 2118 as part of a top-secret CIA mission. As to my knowledge, it was one of the first times that time travel had successfully been completed."

He also a had few warnings for us: "There are many threats to the human race.

"The number one threat to humanity as we know it is global warming, rising sea levels as well as the increase in Co2 in our atmosphere.


"We must take steps now to combat global warming."

Tell us something we don't know, mate.

Right towards the end of the clip, Alex whips out the photo - which is the traditional printed-style you hardly see anymore - and it appears to show some sort of futuristic city, but he won't reveal which city, saying: "They don't want me telling you this. They're especially not going to like what I'm about to show you.

"When I was in the year 6,000, I managed to take a photograph of a major city.

"Now I cannot say which city, because it would lead to too much influential change on the future, but I can show you the photograph."

Adding: "You may notice that the picture is distorted, that's due to the time-travel process.

"Some people actually have parts of their bodies distorted because of the process."

He also let the cat out of the bag about alien visitors, telling Apex TV: "Aliens do visit us, there are intelligent extra-terrestrials that do come to Earth, this is in the mid-21st century.

"There is actually contact with intelligent extra-terrestrials long before it was revealed to the public.

"These aliens don't necessarily live among us but they do visit from time to time."

I bloody knew it!

Featured Image Credit: Apex TV

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