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Uber Driver Gets Into Very Awkward Situation After Accidentally Picking Up Sex Worker

Uber Driver Gets Into Very Awkward Situation After Accidentally Picking Up Sex Worker

But he handles it like an absolute champ when he realises what has happened.

Uber drivers seem to be really insistent on saying the name of the person who made the booking when you hop into their vehicle. It's always struck me as odd because why would anyone else walk up to your car and jump in?

But after watching this video, no one should bat an eyelid when they next book an Uber.

Sydney driver Daniel Moore was going about his evening shift when he received a booking from a woman named Chelsea. He went to the pick-up point and a woman was right there; even giving a cheeky wave as she got in.

Credit: Daniel Moore/Facebook

Dan even double checked by saying 'Hey Chelsea', and she either didn't hear him say that name, didn't care, or miraculously her name is Chelsea also.

Some Uber drivers enjoy a chat during their short journey with their passengers while others like to keep to themselves. Mr Moore was definitely the former, which is kind of lucky considering the awkward situation he found himself in.

His passenger asked if he was looking for a good time, which is mistook as 'are you having a good time'. When he quizzed her on what she was up to that fine evening, she told him she was a sex worker and on shift at the moment.

That was completely water of a ducks back to Dan and he followed up with 'busy day?'


But faux Chelsea appears bored of small talk and gets straight down to business and asks the driver if he wants to have sex.

He politely tells her no because his girlfriend wouldn't be too happy about that, but here's where the confusion kicks in. But the sex worker can't work out why he'd pick her up if he didn't want to play around. Here's a full rundown of what transpired next.


Passenger: "Do you want a girlfriend?"

Dan: "Na I've got a girlfriend, yeah, sorry yeah I've already got a girlfriend."

Passenger: "Well, do you want to do a job with me?"

Dan: "No I'm all good thanks honey."

Passenger: "Well what do you want to do? Have you got any money? You got $10?"

Dan: "I haven't honey."

Passenger: "Well I'm going to go then, I'm going to get out and go this way. I'm going to go and make some money."

Dan drops her off and hopes she has a good night and has fun, sounding a bit confused by what happened. He then gets a call from THE ACTUAL CHELSEA asking where he is and he tells her a random woman just got in his car and he's on the way.

Maybe this should be in Uber's manual on how to handle a situation like that.

Featured Image Credit: Daniel Moore/Facebook

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