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Wildlife Photographer's Snap Of Two Zebras Has People Baffled

Wildlife Photographer's Snap Of Two Zebras Has People Baffled

People can't tell which zebra is looking towards the camera

Right then folks, it's time to play - Figure Out The Confusing Zebra Photo.

The befuddling snap below was captured by wildlife photographer Sarosh Lodhi in Maasai Mara, a game reserve in Narok, Kenya.

Clearly, it is a photograph of zebras, but which one is staring down the lens - the one on the left, or the right?

What the devil is going on here?
Sarosh Lodhi/500px

Since this perplexing question was posed on social media, a schism has inevitably formed between Team Left Zebra and Team Right Zebra... while others seem to have just lost the plot completely:

But forget about all of these clowns - what the hell do you think? Have a long hard stare at those zebras and decide for yourself.

Just make sure you don't look at the photo so long that your mind starts bending inwards - if you start seeing half a dozen zebras, it's time to stop.

Sarosh told Insider: "I was clicking a dazzle of zebras in Maasai Mara, trying out various creative images. That's when I saw these two approaching each other.

"Expecting some interaction or nuzzling between the two, I kept my focus glued on to this pair. They kept coming closer and closer and to my utter amusement they reached an alignment that caused a total illusion."

So, what's your verdict? It's definitely the left one... right?

It is the left one, as confirmed by Sarosh, who also insisted the photo isn't edited. Now go have a lie down.

Featured Image Credit: Sarosh Lodhi/500px

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