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Woman Catches Man On Plane Writing Brutal Text About Her

Woman Catches Man On Plane Writing Brutal Text About Her

Landen Ewing spotted the bloke texting his girlfriend and claimed he also said he didn't think the plane would take off - savage

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

If you're going to text your other half slagging a member of your preferred sex off, it's probably best to ensure they can't see what you're saying. Take Landen Ewing's experience as a good example of what not to do:

The TikTok user described what happened to her in a recent post where she was brutally mocked on a flight by a fellow passenger.

Landen claims that she was the only person sitting near the man on the plane and looked over to see what he was up to (we all do it).

On the flight back from Nashville, she says she saw the text - which he sent to his girlfriend - saying: "[Seat] too small with this fat ass next to me." Wow.

The rude message.

Recalling the encounter, which happened about a month ago, Landen said: "This guy sits next to me and it's just me and him like in the row. So, like, we weren't sitting next to anyone it was just me and him.

"He has his phone out, like way out in front of him where I can see it."

As a side note, she added: "Before anyone comes for me for looking at someone's phone when they're sitting next to me - everyone does it and if you say you don't you're lying so shut up."


She goes on: "Anyway, I'm sitting next to him and reading his texts with his girlfriend. She's asking him how the flight's going you know just casual conversation like that.

"Then I look over and she says 'how's the flight going?' And he says 'too small with his fat a** next to me'. Like, he was talking about me."

The 'girlfriend' went on to tell her partner: "Tell her about keto," to Landen's horror.


She then said: "You can't really see the rest of the conversation but he continued to type out 'I'll be alright, don't think we'll make it off the ground.'"

Apparently this savagely rude bloke carried on talking about how he hates being on 'small flights with fat people'.

Addressing this man's wife or girlfriend, Landen added: "YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS."

We couldn't agree more.

Commenting on the video, people were quick to defend the TikToker with one person writing: "You're gorgeous. Sounds like he's been in trouble with his GF before that had nothing to do with you. But I'm sorry you had to read that."

Another added: "He totally thought you were hot and did not want his gf to know that he was sitting next to someone attractive yikes."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/landenmewing

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