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Woman Left Gutted After Pet Dog Destroys Her Favourite Sex Toy

Woman Left Gutted After Pet Dog Destroys Her Favourite Sex Toy

At least Bugzy had the decency to look guilty when he got caught

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A naughty pooch destroyed one of his owner's sex toys, leaving her 'gutted'.

Stacey Eales came home earlier this month when she spotted some bits of pink plastic on the floor - initially she assumed that her dog Bugzy had chewed one of his own toys, but after popping into the bedroom she discovered it was actually one of her own toys.

Kennedy News and Media

Twenty-nine-year old Stacey shared hilarious photos showing a very guilty-looking Bugzy - a French bulldog and Staffy cross - peering at his owner as well as the wrecked sex toy.

Incidentally, the toy is called Tracy's Dog, which Stacey pointed out, was destroyed by Stacey's dog.

Stacey, from Nuneaton, said: "It was a really good toy to be fair, so I'm gutted.

"The dog ate 'the dog'. I think Bugzy knew and was like, 'I'm the only dog in this house.'

"I got home from work knackered after a long day, made myself a cup of tea and started walking up the stairs.

"I saw a little pink thing at the bottom of my stairs on my carpet and thought maybe he'd chewed up one of his toys.

"Then I realised he didn't have any pink toys and as I went into my bedroom, I saw it in pieces on the floor.

"I remember thinking, 'Oh no, what have you done?'

Kennedy News and Media

"He just sat next to the bed and he looked so adorable I couldn't even tell him off."

Stacey said Bugzy has previous here - he had even chewed up the box the £57 toy arrived in when she ordered it.

"When I bought this toy, it was in a nice little posh box and had a little silky bag inside," she said.

"I nipped out for an hour, came back and he'd chewed the box.

"I was a bit gutted that the box went but now it's the toy as well. I think it's his way of saying 'pay attention to me'.

"I'd used it the night before and I fell asleep straight after. I'd just slotted it between the mattress and the side of my bed.

"In the morning I'd made my bed and gone to work, it didn't enter my mind that he might find it, but he likes to pull the quilt in and get in my spot when I go to work.

"Obviously he's pulled the quilt back, spotted it and probably thought, 'Oh, a new toy.'

"He's a nightmare with toys, he destroys them all - I bet that one was a bit of fun for him to chew on."

Stacey said that even after Bugzy chomped on it, the toy still switched on and vibrated, albeit much less powerfully.

Kennedy News and Media

She said: "It still vibrates a little bit now. One of the buttons still works, it's just a bit of a distorted vibration. I had to throw it away, but I'll get myself a new one.

"I wasn't cross with him, but I did find it funny. Out of everything he could have chewed I can't believe he chewed that.

"When I found it, he came upon the bed next to me and put his paw on me as if to say sorry, and I gave him a big cuddle.

"I've only had it two months. If I get a replacement one, I'll definitely be hiding it in a different place. I'll be putting it in the safe."

Stacey showed a joking post about offering up Bugzy 'free to a good home', but apart from the odd bit of chewing, she insisted he's the 'most well-behaved dog' she's ever had.

"He's an absolute baby," she said. "I couldn't be without him. He's a big softie.

"He's scared of cats and he wants attention all the time, he's so loving and affectionate.

"He's the most well-behaved dog I've ever had, apart from the odd little chewing. I can live with that."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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