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Woman Shares Mindblowing Story That 'Proves' We’re Living In Parallel Universe

Woman Shares Mindblowing Story That 'Proves' We’re Living In Parallel Universe

She believes it's proof of the multiverse

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A woman has shared a story that she believes proves that parallel universes exist. Watch her tell it:

The woman, who goes by the name Sam Doll on TikTok, told the spooky anecdote and shared the video in three parts on social media.

In the first part, she explains: "Here's a story that makes me believe in parallel universes or as scientists call it the multiverse."

She starts off describing the scene - she is at her then boyfriend's house, for the first time.

Sam explains: "I wake up in the middle of the night to go pee and there's a guy standing in his room and I being a sane logical person assumed it was his brother, who I had never met.

She assumed his brother had been sleepwalking.

"But then the closer I looked I realised that this man was smoking a cigarette, so then I though 'OK, maybe his brother is a sleep walker and a smoker, and he thinks hes on patio.'"

But as she looked closer, she realised the man she was looking at appeared to be in his 40s, but she knew his brother was about 25.

She continues: "So then I go 'oh no, am I asleep, is this an intruder? Is this a ghost?' I sit up in bed and I go 'hey!' and this man looks up at me and disappears."


Scared, she turned the lights on and went to the bathroom but didn't wake her boyfriend up, as it was the first time she had stayed at his house.

In the morning, she tells her boyfriend about the man she saw, but her boyfriend wasn't shocked, saying she had to tell his mum as she says she sees someone walking round the house too.

Six months later, when she is having dinner with the family, her then-boyfriend brought it up for them to discuss - his mum saying she had seen the man in her room too.

She goes on: "So here's what I think happened.

"Option one: I had a psychotic break."

But she says that she's never experienced anything like that, and also points out that his mum saw it too.

She continues: "Option two. It was a ghost.

"Option three. This man is living in a parallel universe where this is house and there was a leak in between the universes."

Hmm... doesn't seem that scientific.

"And so he's just walking round his house smoking a cigarette, maybe it's the 50s."

She adds: "And he walks into a room and he sees a girl in his bed going 'hey' and then I disappear to him and that to me is proof of the multiverse.

"You are welcome, science."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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