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Woman's Red Light Manoeuvre Sparks Debate Online

Claire Reid


Woman's Red Light Manoeuvre Sparks Debate Online

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Alamy

A woman sparked a lively debate, after she turned to the Internet to ask if she should try and get out of paying a $158 fine for running a red light. You can see whether you reckon she was in the right or not here:


Summer Emison posted CCTV footage of the incident on TikTok, asking: "Help! Should I pay or fight for this ticket?"

In the clip, vehicles can be seen waiting at a set of traffic lights. The left hand turning lane light is amber while two cars go through, but it turns red as Summer's white car flies through.

She explains: "Hey guys, so look at the left turning lane. I just received a red light ticket at this light and there's no sign indicating that that would happen.

"The light just turns red - there I go - I didn't want to block the intersection. So should I pay or fight for this ticket?"

Posting the clip, which has been viewed more than 10 million times, Summer wrote: "I don't want to pay $158 but will if a majority of you think I have to."

Credit: TikTok/@summeremison
Credit: TikTok/@summeremison

And it seems as though Summer will be paying the fine, because the overwhelming majority of TikTok users thinks she was in the wrong and should have been given the ticket.

One person wrote: "Damn. That was SOLID red when you ran it. How can you even argue any other point?"

Another said: "Are you serious? You 100% ran the light. What do you mean you didn't want to 'block the intersection', you weren't even past the line."

A third person commented: "Bruh, you ran that red light and then almost executed the pedestrian."

While someone else said: "The light was very much red and you almost hit a pedestrian."

Credit: TikTok/@summeremison
Credit: TikTok/@summeremison

In a follow up video, Summer attempted to clear up what happened, stressing that she didn't almost hit the woman and vowing to continue fighting to get the ticket scrapped.

She said: "Yes, I ran the red light but had I stopped I would have been in the intersection, which is more dangerous and I was going through traffic.

"Also, a lot of people said that I almost hit this woman. I didn't. I slowed it down you guys can see - if I had almost hit her she would have flipped me off or something."

Topics: Viral, TikTok

Claire Reid
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