Woman's Stomach Balloons 'Uncontrollably' Due To Mysterious Condition
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Woman's Trippy Optical Illusion Video Has Left People Confused

Woman's Trippy Optical Illusion Video Has Left People Confused

A woman on TikTok tried the 'magic hands trick' and absolutely smashed it - but people were left completely confused as to how she did it.

Captioning the video: "Here's something trippy for your night lol," she posted it on Twitter. So far the tweet has been viewed over nine million times. And it's not difficult to see why - it's pretty mesmerising once you start watching it.

The weird optical illusion happens when people bend and straighten their hands close together at a high speed, which then makes it look like one is disappearing into the other. It then appears to come out the other side


People were clearly left confused about the trick, with one person so baffled that they called it 'witchcraft'.

Another person wrote: "What is happening here?"

Someone else said: "Wow, what the f***."

A third joked: "What in the witchcraft sorcery tarnation is going on here?


However others thought it was 'cool' and wanted to try it themselves.

One person said: "I wanna do this too, that looks so cool omg."

Others have used gloves with LED lights to make it even more confusing and weird.

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Viral Optical Illusion Is Confusing TikTok Users

Viral Optical Illusion Is Confusing TikTok Users

TikTok is the only place you need on the internet if it's weird challenges you're into.


Another viral challenge doing the rounds will truly blow your tiny little mind - because it makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. Take a look:

You see, it seems that only women are able to complete this strange chair challenge, which surfaced on TikTok but has since been replicated on other social media channels.

The challenge requires you to walk up to a wall and take two steps back - with each step being the length of your foot - before bending over at a 90-degree angle and placing your head against the wall.


You then place a chair underneath yourself and attempt to stand up while holding the piece of furniture.

It sounds simple, but it turns out not everyone can do it - as Krystyna Sorrentino, 32, and her fiancé Devin, 29, soon learned when they decided to take a stab at it.

In the footage of their attempt, you can see Krystyna bending down to retrieve the chair and then standing up fully, on her first attempt.

However, Devin doesn't find the challenge as straightforward. After completing the setup, he struggles to keep his balance and becomes stuck when trying to stand erect.


Apparently, it's down to science - experts say that the centre of mass for most girls is lower to the hips, while the centre of mass in boys is much higher, meaning they topple over when they lean forward.

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