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YouTube ‘Prankster’ Criticised For Throwing Water In People’s Faces

YouTube ‘Prankster’ Criticised For Throwing Water In People’s Faces

Viewers reckon it's pretty stupid considering there have been several acid attacks in London recently...

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There's no denying YouTube is a tough realm to break into and make a name for yourself. As a result, people feel the need to try and push the boundaries of what's acceptable in order to get more views and subscribers.

That couldn't be more relevant to YouTuber Arya Mosallah aka ItsAyraVlogs, who describes himself as: "A boy with a camera and a dream."

If you have a look at the stuff he produces - it's nothing short of assault and one of his most recent 'pranks' is pretty stupid.

The video content is pretty obvious: The 22-year-old walked around London and tossed water in people's faces from either Subway cups or a water bottle.

He either throws the liquid by surprise, hides behind them or lures them in by pretending to trip.

That last tactic drew a lot of criticism from viewers, as they thought he was a bit of a dickhead to assault someone who was just trying to help him after he 'fell over'.


Others thought it was a terrible prank as there have been several acid attacks in the capital, with some perpetrators using water bottles to carry the caustic liquid.

One person wrote: "With the increasing number of acid attacks on the streets of London, this video is anything but funny."

Another added: "This idiot better be taught a lesson soon, the peeps might think it's acid, you stupid innit."

A third said: "I'm not trying to be one of those people but this could be really scary with all the acid attacks going on at the moment."

When you have a look at the rest of Arya's channel, it's chock-full of other 'funny' pranks. Around Christmas time, he dressed up as Santa and threw a sack at people, making some people scared that the red bag carried something sinister.

He's racked up millions of views for other 'hilarious' moments like eating random people's food, pulling their pants down, stepping on their shoes, smacking drinks out of their hands, taking their cigarettes, dressing up as a clown, jumping in stranger's cars and even throwing cream pies in their faces.

If you didn't think that was grounds to be labelled a dickhead then maybe the video of him pulling people's chair out as they sat down might. How about the videos titled 'FAKE GUNSHOT PRANK' and 'DRIVE BY BOMB SCARE'? Because that's what everyone needs in their lives these days.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ItsAryaVlogs

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