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Woman Finds Note 'From Cow' Saying ‘I Wanted To Live’ In Burger Packet

Woman Finds Note 'From Cow' Saying ‘I Wanted To Live’ In Burger Packet

A huge portion of the meat eating population has the privilege of not having to look the animal they will eventually eat in its eyes before it's slaughtered.

It's an aspect that some people wouldn't even think about when tucking into a steak or chicken because it's a process that they're never exposed to.


But if you've ever seen a vegan protest then you might have seen people holding signs of farm animals looking sad, maybe with a caption along the lines of 'I have feelings too'. It's an attempt to humanise the cow, sheep, pig or chicken and urge the consumer not to eat them.

However, one shopper was shocked after purchasing some beef burgers from Sainsbury's and finding a note hidden inside the packet.

Credit: Deadline News

Camilla Moser opened the British beef steak burgers to see a picture of a cow with the caption: "My name was Chloe, I wanted to live! Your 'personal choice' killed me! DON'T BUY IT!"


The 25-year-old says: "The sticker was stuck behind the Sainsbury's packaging but above the cellophane suggesting someone had infiltrated the distribution or packing centre.

"I was shocked, as has been everyone I've told since. As I said to Sainsbury's, I wasn't expecting a meet and greet when cooking up my evening meal."

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The supermarket replied to Camilla's Facebook post, asking where she got the meat from so they could commence an investigation. They've since reimbursed her the price of the product in the form of Nectar points.

A spokeswoman for Sainsbury's said: "We have apologised to Camilla and are investigating."

The same 'Chloe cow' message was inserted into a Morrison's packet of bolognaise meat earlier this year, which the purchaser, Leah Mallett, described as an 'aggressive guerrilla tactic'.

Vegan activist, Marc Gurney, claimed responsibility for the stunt and told the BBC: "I think it's important that people understand that it's not right for an animal to be killed when there are so many alternatives to animal products.

"If this girl was horrified and scared then perhaps she needs to think twice about what she puts on her plate."

However, when questioned on whether what he's doing is illegal, he replied: "I'm not sure about the legal side but the worst that may happen is they throw you out of the supermarket.

"The stickers are usually placed on the side of the package. You stick at your own risk."

Sourcees: Deadline News, BBC

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