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Artist Paints Woman Of His Dreams - And Marries Her Doppelgänger

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Artist Paints Woman Of His Dreams - And Marries Her Doppelgänger

An artist painted his dream woman - and then ended up marrying a woman who looks just like her.

Ahad Saadi was being pressured into getting married by his mum back in 2008, and being an artist, he didn't head out on the town to find his future wifey, he decided to paint her instead.

The 41-year-old subsequently displayed the portrait of his future wife at the Huner-i Mukaddes Gallery, in the city of Tabriz, Iran, at the end of 2009.

Credit: Newsflash
Credit: Newsflash

Fellow artist Parisa Karamnezhad then stumbled upon the painting and stopped in her tracks, understandably mistaking it for a mirror temporarily.

Visiting the exhibition was in fact the fateful decision of her ex.

Parisa recalled: "One evening, my boyfriend Kave called and said there was an extraordinary exhibition, and we should go. At first, I didn't want to go. When Kave insisted, I accepted.

"When we walked into the exhibition, Ahad was drawing attention because he was the artist. At that moment, I realised that a woman next to Ahad was looking at me and touching his arm. She said something to him, and Ahad looked at us with searching eyes.


"After passing in front of a few paintings we arrived at the portrait that changed my life. A portrait of a smiling woman with curly hair.

"We froze in front of the portrait for a few seconds. I felt a strange closeness. I turned to my boyfriend and asked, 'Does this portrait look like me?'"

Credit: Newsflash
Credit: Newsflash

Kave actually played down the likeness, replying: "Kind of."


Perhaps something inside him felt his missus was heading down a path towards marrying the artist behind the painting.

Remembering their first encounter, Ahad said: "When I saw Parisa in my exhibition for the first time, both the excitement and the flutter of my heart gave me a feeling that I had never experienced before. It was an indescribable feeling."

Parisa returned to the exhibition the next day with a pal, who said it was clear that Ahad was in love with her.

They didn't meet again for more than a year, until Ahad reached out on Facebook - with Kave no longer the man in her life.

Credit: Newsflash
Credit: Newsflash

The couple went for a date which escalated at an unbelievable pace. Right from the off, Ahad declared his love for Parisa, and by the end of the night he'd proposed.

Parisa was naturally taken aback, but the next day she said yes.

Her mum was initially alarmed by the whirlwind romance, but couldn't help but be seduced by their remarkable tale.


Parisa said: "She sighed in relief and was deeply touched by the story."

The couple said they have been happily married ever since... Life imitates art, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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Jake Massey
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