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Couple Build Cornish Beach In Their Front Room After Cancelling Holiday

Couple Build Cornish Beach In Their Front Room After Cancelling Holiday

We've all got to keep ourselves amused somehow...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

It's been a tough couple of weeks for us all now we're in almost complete lockdown. However, one ingenious couple from Hertfordshire haven't let the cancellation of their holiday get them down. In fact, they simply brought the beach to them by building it in their living room.

That's the spirit! In these testing times we all need to come up with a few interesting and inventive ways of keeping ourselves amused.

Keith Wheatley and his wife Liz live in Broxbourne, but love to spend their free time over at their second home in the picturesque Cornish town of Bude.

Instead of defying the government's advice and travelling to hunker down in their second home, potentially placing further responsibility onto an already stretched rural NHS service, they grabbed a load of pebbles, a windbreaker, and a beach towel to create their own private Cornish beach inside their Hertfordshire home.

Triangle News

The beach they imagined is a small - but remarkably faithful - representation of their favourite beach, Crooklets, on Britain's delightful south western coast.

Keith, who has two grown-up children, explained his decision to bring the shoreline to them. He said: "We always get a very warm welcome when we go down there [to Bude] but we were aware of the issues with travelling."

Triangle News

"Plus they only have a few critical care beds in Cornwall and we didn't want to be a burden. We decided to stay home, and thought we'd have some fun by recreating the beach in our front room - we filmed it to send to friends to boost morale."

He added: "We had a beach towel, a wind breaker, a can of coke and a newspaper - it was the classic British beach scene.

"We're concerned about the pandemic, but for now we're just isolating and buying the odd newspaper to keep up-to-date with what's going on."

Triangle News

Well, it's definitely a genius way to create a lovely beachfront atmosphere to your house, substitute the can of Coke for something a bit stronger and we're definitely sold.

If you're still struggling for ideas, how about building a 2,000 piece blank puzzle from Japan called Pure Hell for fun?

Nope, perhaps not.

Or you could play everyone's favourite offensive card game Cards Against Humanity on the internet with your pals?

The living room beach sounds a lot more relaxing, doesn't it?

Featured Image Credit: Triangle News

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