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Couple Stages Incredible WWE-Style Wrestling Gender Reveal

Couple Stages Incredible WWE-Style Wrestling Gender Reveal

The couple decided to erect a wrestling ring for the announcement of their child's gender

A couple has announced the gender of their baby by staging an incredible WWE-themed event. You can check the video out below, and - believe me - it's worth your time.

Staged in a garden, the fight takes place between two blokes, one wearing pink - signifying that the baby would be a girl - and another in blue, for 'Team Boy'.

Sure, it's all pretty out-moded and silly, but this type of gender reveal is at least better than starting a gigantic forest fire by setting off an explosive.

No-one is going to get hurt by this.

Well, not really anyway.

It's got a bit of everything: there's a number of intriguing fake fighting moves, a proper referee, and even a crowd.

It isn't immediately clear who the two people wrestling are, but they're good sports, even right down to the very end.

The thrilling climax of the fight happens after a number of two counts and pins, but someone - potentially the father of the child - enters the ring and hits the blue fighter with a chair, before dragging the pink fighter into a pin while the referee is distracted.

Ronald Cameron via Storyful

Upon noticing the pin, the referee drops and counts to three, signalling the end of the fight and - because that was the point, after all - that the happy couple are due to have a lovely baby girl.

Then, they grab the traditional - if you can call any of this 'traditional' - ticker tape launcher and fire off a load of pink nonsense into the sky.

Like we mentioned earlier on, it's better than starting a forest fire, and certainly more entertaining to watch.

Anyway, the video has become a viral sensation online, with more than 1.6 million views on Facebook since it was shared.

It has also been liked more than 32,000 times, and received 13,000 comments, mostly from people saying they either wish they'd had this idea, or plan to steal it for themselves.

Hey, it's a good idea.

One person simply commented: "This is hilarious."

Ronald Cameron via Storyful

A second person said: "Almost makes me want to have another... nope. Can't finish that sentence."

Just stage a wrestling match then? It doesn't have to be about the gender reveal.

A third wrote: "OMG this is the way."

Yes, there you have it. If you must have a gender reveal, you might as well try and do something non-threatening to wildlife, and have a bit of fun along the way.

Follow these folks lead, and you won't be far wrong.

Featured Image Credit: Ronald Cameron via Storyful

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