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Family Left Terrified By Creepy Dolls Left On Doorstep Of Their Home

Family Left Terrified By Creepy Dolls Left On Doorstep Of Their Home

The family even contacted the police after catching a potential suspect on CCTV.



A family has been left terrified after discovering a series of creepy dolls showing up outside of their home. You can watch a video of the unnerving toys here:

Jennifer Allen, 29, claims someone has been leaving the unsettling gifts since August, starting just a few weeks after moving into her new home with fiancé Zachary, 30.

Doubt that was the warm welcome to the neighbourhood they were expecting.

The couple decided to contact the police a month into this strange saga after catching a potential suspect on CCTV at their house in St Louis, Missouri.

However, since the cops weren't able to identify the person, there wasn't much they could do.

Jennifer said: "I contacted the police about a month into the experiences, it was right after the footage of the person putting them on our doorstep.


"They said if they can't identify the person on the camera then they can't really do anything."

The decision to install the security cameras was made after the couple and their nine-year-old daughter April spotted the eerie dolls near their front and back doors.

Jennifer, who works as a nursing assistant, has been documenting the bizarre experiences on TikTok which has received mixed responses from the online community.

"We've been left terrified by this experience," she said. "I wouldn't lie about something like this, I was just posting little silly things with my daughter when it started happening.

"I thought 'I should document this' - I didn't mean for it to turn into anything."


"I'm scared but I tend to mask my fear with humour, so I make fun of my situation in videos because I am so terrified of what is happening.

"I can't let myself feel all these emotions because I don't want my daughter to be scared.

"My daughter is nervous of the dolls as we don't know them, she does like Abigail (one of the dolls) because we've had good experiences with her and have integrated her with our thrift store dolls."

Other instances have been a little more chilling, to say the least - particularly when it comes to one doll, which she claims to have captured saying 'good' in a video posted on social media.

Even Abigail has been at it, with Jennifer stating she saw the doll move while prompting her to set up a camera to show her sceptical fiancé


"At first my fiancé didn't really think it was anything he thought it was just somebody pranking us, I thought it was too," she explained.

"He doesn't tend to show his emotions a lot but this does make really nervous; he is worried which is what prompted him to set up cameras for us.

"He hasn't experienced anything paranormal, so this is a first for him. He also takes everything with a grain of salt, but now he's definitely a believer in the paranormal.

"What made him change was the video of Abigail the doll moving. The doll Emily really scares April.

"One of the reasons I got rid of Emily is because my daughter heard the voice in the video and got really scared of it, I got really scared too. I didn't want April to feel uncomfortable."


Despite all of this, the family intend on staying in the 121-year-old home, which Jennifer said had been 'vacant for quite a while' before they bought it.

She continued: "We plan on staying in the house for now, so long as we don't get any more visitors.

"We are worried, but prepared if anything were to happen. We have a security system now and we are getting a ring camera."

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