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Flat Earthers Quarantined While Trying To Reach Edge Of The World

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Flat Earthers Quarantined While Trying To Reach Edge Of The World

In a bid to prove that we aren't, in fact, living on a spherical planet, a couple of Flat Eathers tried to leave their home during the coronavirus lockdown - but have now found themselves having to quarantine.

The pair, who haven't been named, tried to find the 'end of the world' at a time when strict measures were in place.

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

The man and woman, who are both from Venice, tried to set sail to Lampedusa which is an island between Sicily and North Africa.


They had set off in hope of proving that there is an edge of the world - therefore confirming that planet Earth is flat and not round, despite what globes and indeed all legitimate scientific evidence would suggest.

They didn't make it to their destination and instead got as far as Ustica, an island north-west of Sicily.

A flat earth meeting. Credit: PA
A flat earth meeting. Credit: PA

Salvatore Zichichi, a doctor of the maritime health office of the Ministry of Health, helped the pair after they got lost. He pointed out that they were using a compass to help them navigate.


Speaking to Italian newspaper La Stampa, he said: "The funny thing is that they orient themselves with the compass, an instrument that works on the basis of terrestrial magnetism, a principle that they, as Flat Earthers, should reject."

The Metro reports that the couple were taken to quarantine in Italy but tried to escape and get back to their boat. They weren't quick enough though because officials caught them and they were returned to quarantine.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Earlier this year, in one of LADbible's episodes of Agree to Disagree, a strong debate ensued between scientist Matthew and Flat Earther Connor, who argued his theory against evidence and the unknown.


Connor argued that the Earth might actually be flat, even though scientific findings say otherwise.

And despite pictures seen from space and other findings, Connor put forward his theories to scientist Matthew, who reckoned they were 'outlandish'.

The debate also covered current issues - including censorship, with the statement 'YouTube is wrong to censor Flat Earth videos' pushing both sides to consider their freedom of speech, and whether a platform should be allowed to affect that.

You can watch the full video here or subscribe to LADbible's YouTube channel.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

Topics: flat earth, Community, Weird

Rebecca Shepherd
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