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Teenage Girl Finds Testicles Inside Asda Roast Chicken

Teenage Girl Finds Testicles Inside Asda Roast Chicken

The 14-year-old first thought the testicles were live maggots but was even more disgusted when she was told what they really were

A cooked testicle from calves, lambs, roosters and turkeys is considered a delicacy in plenty of countries - Hungary, Italy and Spain, to name but three. While some wouldn't bat an eyelid over eating the piece it, for others it would take a lot of balls to put the fork in their mouths.

Whether you like it or not, I think we can all agree that a surprise testicle is not something that anyone wants to find in their meal.

Evening Gazette

So imagine how one teenager felt when she saw testicles included in her Asda roast chicken. Although perhaps the balls-up was a relief compared to her initial fears - when 14-year-old Poppy first looked at the cooked bird, she thought they were maggots.

She and her two younger sisters had already chowed through the breast parts of the chicken when they made the grisly discovery.

Their dad Paul Douglas says: "It looked like the meat had gone bad. It's put them off chicken completely. They were queasy last night. All three of them had a bit of the breast.

"It might be completely harmless but it's not fit for human consumption."

WATCH: Those testicles are pretty small compared to these ones

Apparently the family went to McDonald's that night and you can bet your bottom dollar that they stuck to the meat or fish ranges.

Mr Douglas took the chicken back to the UK supermarket to get an explanation and hopefully a refund. Staff told him that there is a small possibility that live worms live in poultry and that all they could do was offer him his £4 back.

Asda also conducted an investigation into the issue and said the testicles were located within the ribcage and there was no way that staff in the store would have been able to know that because the bag was sealed.

Evening Gazette

An Asda spokesman said: "We pride ourselves on offering great quality products to our customers.

"Our chickens are prepared to a high standard, but occasionally small amounts of the giblets can be left behind and we completely accept that we dropped a ball here.

"We'd like to reassure Mr Douglas that there was no health risk posed by this chicken and we're sorry for any inconvenience caused."

It's worth reiterating testicles are perfectly fine to eat but like we said earlier, a surprise gonad, even as small as that, is something that no one should have to endure. Someone really dropped a bollock here.

Featured Image Credit: Evening Gazette

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