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Footage Shows Man Getting Paddled About Face-Down While Snorkelling In Australia

Footage Shows Man Getting Paddled About Face-Down While Snorkelling In Australia

That's certainly one way to do it

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Footage has emerged that shows the hilarious moment a snorkeler gets paddled around by his mate while lying down on a board face down.

As far as water sports go, this is pretty lazy stuff.

The guy is just lying down prone on the front of the paddle board whilst his mate is tasked with the unenvious job of paddling him around so that he can - presumably - observe the underwater world.

His female friend, the one doing all the work, must have a decent amount of patience. Either that, or perhaps the plan was to eventually swap and let her have a go whilst he does the paddling for a change.

This intriguing video was filmed on Rottnest Island, which is a popular tourist destination off the coast of Perth in Western Australia.

The footage quickly went viral after it was picked up by a popular local satirical group called The Bell Tower Times on Monday.

They wrote: "Rotto snorkelling game 101. Work smarter not harder."

The Bell Tower Times/Facebook

Since then, it has received thousands of comments from amused observers, as well as a few who would presumably like to give this sort of low-effort marine observation a try for themselves.

One person wrote: "When you want to go snorkelling but don't want to get wet."

Another said: "No need for all your dive gear, only a mask and snorkel."

They forgot to add that you'll need another willing participant and a paddle board, but we get the idea.

Others suggested that perhaps they're worried about the sharks that might be dwelling in the area.

At least they can try to take refuge on the paddle board if one shows up, not that it would do much good against a big 'un.

The Bell Tower Times/Facebook

Perhaps that is what it is all about after all, maybe this is the actions of a friend who didn't want their mate to miss out on the snorkelling experience due to their crippling fear of sharks.

Wester Australia is well known for being home to a number of dangerous species of shark at this time of year, that's for sure.

Rottnest Island sees more than half a million visitors head on over each year because of the spectacular scenery, wonderful beaches, and interesting wildlife.

Whilst it is only home to 300 people, it has a population of 10,000 quokkas, which is fascinating.

A quokka, in case you're wondering, is a small short-tailed wallaby. They're really cute, go check them out.

Featured Image Credit: The Bell Tower Times/Facebook

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