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Former Fitness Model Makes A Whopping £1,500 A Month Selling Dirty Socks

Former Fitness Model Makes A Whopping £1,500 A Month Selling Dirty Socks

He also sells smelly undies as well as doing a bit of webcam work to get hundreds of pounds a month..

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

The majority of us make it to pay day every month by putting in a lot of hard work and sometimes across unsociable hours. Some of us have jobs that are so stressful that we pour our blood sweat and tears into it every single day.

While that is usually used as a 'phrase', one bloke has literally been using his sweat to make him money.

JAM Press

Former fitness model Jakub enjoys a fairly lavish lifestyle being a financial dominatrix and sells his dirty socks and undies to fans. You're probably thinking he'd only get a few quid from that, but the 31-year-old pulls in £1,500 a month from this fetish.

In addition to having 'slaves' send him money, he also uses webcams to get more clients.

On his website, he calls himself 'The S U P R E M E Highness of Domination, King of Paypets and Losers, Dream Shopping Slaves, Ultimate Financial Domination Master...The One and Only Master Stefano'.

That must be one large business card.

JAM Press

If you're into this kind of thing, don't get any assumptions that you could have a meaningful relationship with this guy. His website adds: "I'm a Bitch and I'm a GOD. I'm here for My pleasure only. I will seduce you into my Dominant Kingdom, where I warp your B R A I N in no time!

"If you want my attention you will obey. Your life as you know it has ended the day you first saw Me."

Like most financial dominatrixes, he calls his fans money slaves, pay pigs, human ATMs, or cash piggies - mainly because that's how he sees them. It's a pretty specific type of fetish that applies more to psychology than anything else.

Doctor Mark Griffiths, professor of behavioural addiction at Nottingham Trent University, has told LADbible: "From the perspective of the dominatrix, the psychology can be as simple as one of material gain, and simply earning a living.

"There are also dominatrixes who will argue that what they do is 'art' and that monetary gain is just a by-product.

"Many of these [people] lead lives in which they are in total control and that by relinquishing control, even if it is roleplay and play-acting, to someone else, they find cathartic escape and experience the pain as pleasurable."

Jakub chucks up things that he wants on his wish list and people donate towards it.

It's not just a 2L bottle of milk that he's asking for either, some of his items include includes $990 (£705) Givenchy trainers and a $949 (£676) Gucci backpack. Just casually.

Featured Image Credit: JAM Press

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