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Pornhub Has Been Getting A Lot Of ‘Fortnite’ Gamers

Pornhub Has Been Getting A Lot Of ‘Fortnite’ Gamers

The third-person shooter has caused tons of videos to be uploaded to the adult website

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There are plenty of things in life that seem to work perfectly together: white wine and seafood, bacon and eggs, macaroni and cheese. Well, apparently you can add Pornhub and Fortnite to that list.

That couldn't be more apparent than in mid-March when Drake played with Twitch gamer Ninja. While it broke records for that platform, Pornhub also saw an 824 percent increase in their traffic after the game was done.

When approached by Polygon, the adult film website dug into their analytics and found some very interesting figures.

"The most popular Fortnite related searches include 'hentai', 'battle royale', 'animation' and 'strip'. Following some viral videos on YouTube, 'try not to nut fornite' also became a popular search," said a statement on their Insights page.

Pornhub Insights

Strictly for research purposes, I searched Fortnite into Pornhub and there were not only a few clips of animated porn that looked like the third-person shooter, but there were also videos of people in the midst of sex while playing the game.

Hilariously though, there just seemed to be a bunch of films uploaded to the site showing players just being really good at the game. Whether Pornhub should be a platform for gamers to show off is a question for another time.

"Across the United States, visitors from Kansas are proportionately the most likely to search for Fortnite," said the website's analytics team, "followed by those from South Dakota, Rhode Island, Connecticut and California.


"Based on its proportion of all searches, Fortnite is least popular in D.C., Mississippi, Hawaii, Vermont and North and South Carolina."

But apparently the biggest fiends for Fortnite related material are from Finland, then France, Ireland, Norway, Denmark then the US.

When searching for different videos, users would add in 'Overwatch' the most, followed by 'team fortress 2' and 'video game'. But it's not just Fortnite that has people interested on Pornhub, but also Minecraft, Pokemon and Rainbow Six Siege.

Pornhub did make us all laugh recently when they tweeted out a banterous message about Fortnite's servers going down.

Fortnite tweeted saying: "We're bringing the servers offline for emergency maintenance. We apologize for this inconvenience. We currently have no ETA on when servers will be back up."

Pornhub's reply: "Please hurry or our servers will crash next."

This only reinforces the stereotype that gamers are serial masturbators and that they seem pretty turned on over Drake and Ninja playing together.

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